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Sociology and Anthropology

Jun Mizukawa

Lecturer in Anthropology and Religion

Sociology and Anthropology

Research Interests

Environmentalism and political activism in the post-3.11 Japan
Media materiality theory/Object-oriented ontology
Bodies and Embodiment: Japanese Calligraphy, Butoh Dance, Pre-modern book connoisseurship


PhD, Anthroplogy, Columbia University
MA, Anthropology, Columbia University
BA, Japanese Studies, Sophia University

Professional Appointments

2018–Current     Lecturer. Department of Sociology and Anthropology & Department of Religion
                           Lake Forest College (Lake Forest, IL)

2014–2016         Lecturer. Department of Modern Languages
                           DePaul University (Chicago, IL)

Courses Taught

SOAN 110: Introduction to Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 246: Language and Culture
RELG 200/ASIA 204: Japanese Animism, Anime and Manga

Recent Publications

“Spirited Ecology at the End of the World”

“Reading ‘On the Go’: An Inquiry into Tempos and Temporalities of the Cellphone Novel” Japanese Studies, 36:1 (2016), 61-82.

“Fukkō to Kaifuku: Konkurīto no Shukensei (Reconstruction and Repetition: Concrete Sovereignty).” Shinsaigaku (Journal of Disaster Studies), 13 (2019) Co-authored.

“Re-thinking Love and Labor of Reading.” (2009) Media in Transition 6(MiT6) Digital Archive at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Grants and Fellowships

2009        Weatherhead PhD Training Grant. Weatherhead East Asian Institute, Columbia

2005–2012   PhD Fellowship. Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Columbia University
2007–2008   Social Science Research Council-International Dissertation Research Fellowship
2004–2005   Weatherhead Fellowship. Weatherhead East Asian Institute, Columbia University

Selected Recent Talks

2014   Political Potentials of the Networked Bodies in the Era of Niconico Douga.
           Medicine, Science, and Technology: Conversations Between Anthropology
           and the Human Sciences, Global Center for Advanced Research,
           Keio University, Tokyo, Japan. July 12, 2014

2013   Questions of Media-Literacy circa 2012: A Case of Newly-Configured
           OnomatopoeticReading/Writing. The Center for Writing Studies at
           University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. March 28, 2013

2013   Material Components of Wahonand the Embodiment of Knowledge.
           Department of Anthropology, University of Chicago, Chicago. February 14, 2013

Conferences and Academic Workshops

Conference Organized

2019      Animating Ecological Futures. Co-organizer (with Michael Fisch),
              University of Chicago. October 17–19, 2019

Panels Organized

2012     Kanji no yure – Space of Indeterminacy.
             Japan at Chicago I: ReMediations Workshop,
             University of Chicago, Chicago. May 25–27, 2012

2010      Questions of bungaku (literature) in the Digital Era.
              The Nineteenth Meeting of the Association of Japanese Literary Studies,
              Yale University, New Haven. October 15–17, 2010

2009      Digits on the Move.
              The Eighth Annual East Asian Conference in Israel,
              Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel. July 7–9, 2009

Papers Presented

2019      Opening remark & Redefining hope in the post-3.11Tohoku:
              Obligation to send the debt of gratitude forward.
               Animating Ecological Futures.
               University of Chicago. October 17, 2019

2013      Space, Time, and Text: The Affects of Reading and Writing in Contemporary Japan.
              Japan at Chicago II: ReMediations Workshop,
              University of Chicago, Chicago. March 16, 2013

2012      The Place of Unconscious in the Automaticity of Digital Writing.
              111th AAA Annual Meeting,
              San Francisco. November 14–18, 2012

2011       New Sociality in the New keitai Spatiotemporality.
               Infrastructure Workshop sponsored by The University of Chicago,
               Montreal, Canada. November 14–16, 2011

2011       Sing the Text Electronic: Affect of Digital Reading and Writing in Contemporary Japan.
               110th AAA Annual Meeting,
               Montreal, Canada. November 16–20, 2011

2009       Re-thinking Love and Labor of Reading.
               MiT6 (Media in Transition),
               Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge. April 24–26,2009

2008      Figuring the Digital Text.
              Institute of Comparative Culture Lecture Series,
              Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan. April 24, 2008

2007      Unfinished Story in an Unlikely Place.
              The Eleventh Asian Studies Conference Japan,
              Meiji Gakuin University, Tokyo, Japan. June 23–24, 2007