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Julius Crump

Lecturer in Religion


Areas of Study
African American Religious Thought
Liberal Political Theory
American Intellectual History

PhD     University of Chicago Divinity School, June 2018
ThM     Louisville Presbytherian Theological Seminiary, May 2008
MDiv    Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, December 2008
BS        Spalding University, May 2000


African American Theological Ethics: A Reader, co-editor with Peter Paris, Westminster John Knox
Press (January 1, 2016).

“A Foundation of Thinking Religiously in Public: On Sharing Reason with African American
Thought.” Journal of Religion (submitted).

“Necropolitics in Black Theology and Black Power: On Liberation, Liberalism and Decoloniality.”
Harvard Theological Review (submitted).

“Humanizing Dialogue, Accrediting Evil: Commending Buber to Rorty.” American Journal of
Theology and Philosophy 39, no. 2 (May 2018).

“Interpreting a Conversation on Culture: Conditions for Revisitation of Black Theology’s Turn
to Birmingham.” Black Theology: An International Journal 15, no. 1 (February 2017).

Non-Peer Reviewed Publications
“African American Religions, Re-narration and the 1619 Project.” Ecumenical Trends (December

“Black Theology” and “Richard Rorty.” A Dictionary of Philosophy of Religion, Second Edition (New
York: Bloomsbury Publishing, 2018).


“Politics of Democracy as Globalization of American Protestantism.” Transatlantic Roundtable
on Religion and Race (TRRR). Washington, DC (June, 2017 – Declined).

“’I Speak to God in Public’: Taking a Chance on Respectability.” Southeastern Commission for
the Study of Religion (SECSOR). Nashville, TN (March, 2017).

“What’s Left of Evasion after Gooding-Williams?: Critique in Service of Commitments.”
American Academy of Religion (AAR). San Antonio, TX (November, 2016). Proposal creator
for the following panel; ‘Figures, Debates, and Themes of Evasion: Engaging West's Neglected
Contribution to the Pragmatist Canon’.

“The Public Value of Dark Sayings and Dissidence.” Notre Dame/UChicago Graduate
Conference on Theology and Ethics. ‘Theology, Ethics and the Death of God.’ Chicago, IL
(October, 2016).

“Post-War to Pre-Civil Rights African American Religious Political Engagements.” Lecture for
Course in ‘African-American Religion.’ University of Louisville. (October, 2016).

“The Role of Evil in Religion.” Niagara Foundation. Chicago, IL (February, 2016).

“Evil as (a) Good: Public Theology, Public Conversation and a Language of Faith.” American
Academy of Religion (AAR). Atlanta, GA (November, 2015).

“The Public and Christian Political Realism: Towards Establishing Grounds for Holding
President Barack Obama Accountable.” Southeastern Commission for the Study of Religion
(SECSOR). Nashville, TN (March, 2015).

“Divine Evil, Divine Racism and Chance: Another Response to William R. Jones.” Race and
Religion Workshop. University of Chicago Divinity School (December, 2012).


Doctoral Fellow, The Forum for Theological Exploration (2011–2013)