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Information for Current Students

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All full-time undergraduate students this past fall were offered the option to select either a 10% reduction in net tuition expense or one free, full-credit undergraduate course in J-Term or in one of the upcoming summer terms. 

Lake Forest College students should use my.lakeforest to register.


Forester Finish Program

This is a special package for students who are behind in credits. Please see the Forester Finish page for more details and to see if you qualify. The $600 per-course rate represents an almost 82% discount from the regular summer tuition. Forester Finish Program grants do not apply to non-FFP independent studies, internships, or ACM summer courses. 

We Got Your Grant

Don’t qualify for the Forest Finish Program? Don’t worry. You may be eligible for a Lake Forest College Summer Session grant toward the cost of a Summer Session course, independent study, or internship. This grant can significantly discount tuition on a Lake Forest experience equivalent to 4.0 semester hours.

To qualify, students must demonstrate financial need and cannot already be receiving the discounted rate of $600.

The Office of Financial Aid (OFA) does not require a separate summer grant application. The OFA will evaluate grant eligibility for all students enrolled in summer courses with information already on file. We will notify you of your grant no later than one week before the start of each summer term.

Summer tuition is $3,300 per four-credit course or internship. Grants range from $1,300 - $2,300 based on 2020-2021 FAFSA’s need.

 Other Available Aid Programs  

Financial assistance may also be available from the following programs if eligibility requirements are met, and funds are available:

  • Federal Pell Grant (funds are available only to students who were eligible during the 2020-2021 academic year and did not enroll for 3 or more credits in either fall or spring semester. Pell funds will be awarded based on number of credits enrolled
  • Direct Subsidized or Unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loans (available to students who did not borrow grade-level maximum amounts for the 2020-2021 academic year. Students must be enrolled in at least two credits during the summer session to receive this loan.)
  • Direct Federal PLUS Loans (Students must be enrolled in at least two credits to receive this loan.)
  • Private Educational Loans (enrollment requirements are subject to the lender’s discretion). 
Learn about summer internships here.

Step 1: Register

Check the course schedule. Register for courses on my.lakeforest. registrsation for Summer Terms is open until near the start of each term.

Step 2: Review tuition, fees, and refund policy

Please also review our tuition, fees, and refund policy.

Step 3: Housing (assuming the public health situation will allow in-person instruction)

Only students taking courses during the Summer Session can stay on campus. The cost of summer housing for 2021 will be released soon.

Students in College summer housing must include a meal plan. For comparison, the 2019 costs were $770 per session with 10 meals per week and $590 per term for a 5-meal plan. Meal plans are required for residential students. All summer housing is billed by 4-week term – we do not offer weekly or daily proration for off-cycle check-outs.

Complete the summer housing application and pay your $100 housing deposit online. The application will be available at the end of March.

Summer FAQ 

 How do I register for a summer course? 

Lake Forest College students should use my.lakeforest. Registration for these terms will remain open until shortly before the start of the terms. 


Will any summer courses be taught in person? 

Most summer courses will be taught remotely.  The instructional mode for each course indicated on the summer schedule page and in my.lakeforest.


Can I apply the free course option to an independent study?

No, this option applies only to courses in the Summer Term schedules.

If I am an undergraduate Education major, can I take an MAT course tuition-free?

It depends. EDUC 501 (Summer 1) is excluded from the free-course offer, since it is a graduate course, but EDUC 486 (J-Term) can be taken by eligible undergraduates as a free course.


Are any other summer courses excluded??

ES 350 Marine and Island Ecology is not available as a free course as it is offered in conjunction with another institution (the Shedd Aquarium).


If I've chosen the free course option, how does it work if I take a partial credit course?

You may combine up to 1.0 cr of courses for no tuition charge in the J and Summer terms. So for example, you could take MATH 102 (0.5 cr) in the J-Term and ECON 129 (0.5 cr) in Summer 1. Note that the partial credit options are limited and there is no "refund" if you do not use all of your 1.0 cr of tuition-free courses before Fall 2021.


Do I need to take ECON 129 as a co-requisite for ECON 130? 

No. Econ 129 is no longer a pre or co-requisite for ECON130. It is still possible to take ECON 129 in addition to another course in a Summer Term, but there will be an additional tuition charge for ECON 129.


Can I hold a full-time job and do a summer course asynchronously (assuming we have remote instruction possibilities)?  

No. Because of the compressed schedule—a whole course in less than 3 ½ weeks—the summer by itself requires full-time commitment of up to 50 hours per week. The total time you will spend on the courseboth in and out of class, will be between 140 and 160 hours. 


If I was granted asynchronous accommodations in the spring, will they carry over into a summer term? 

No. You must re-apply for an asynchronous accommodation here. Synchronous instruction will for many students prove the most effective. 


If I withdrew from my J-term course can I take my free course in the summer?  

It depends. If you have chosen the free course/internship option, and you dropped the J-term course by the third day (Wed, Jan 6), you will still be eligible for a free course or internship in a summer term. If you withdrew from a course after Jan 6, you are not eligible for another free course or internship. The same holds true for dropping Summer 1 courses and applying the free course to Summer 2.


Can I switch from one Summer Term course to another after the term starts? 

Yes, but note that the compressed schedule does not lend itself to “course shopping.” Each class period covers about a week’s worth of material, so if you discover on the first day that you want to switch to a different summer course, you should make every effort to be in the new course on the second day of the term. 


Can I do the course P/F and does it count as one of my four P/F courses?  

The Curricular Policies Committee has not granted an exemption for Summer P/F courses, so it would count against your total of 4 Pass credits. 


Will my advisor be around in Summer to help me decide on course withdrawals or P/F decisions?  

While your advisor is your first stop, Associate Dean of the Faculty Dawn Abt-Perkins ( is available to assist.