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Foundational Coursework Required

  • EDUC 210 Observing the Schooling
  • EDUC 215 Instructional Communication: Theory and Practice
  • PSYC 210 Developmental Psychology
  • EDUC 220/244/239 Foundations of Education course
  • Content Area Course (post-BA) or Content major (3/2)

MAT Coursework Required

  • EDUC 403:Reading in the Elementary School or EDUC 413: Reading in the Content Areas
  • EDUC 404: Elementary Fieldwork and Seminar or EDUC 415: Middle School Fieldwork and Seminar
  • EDUC 414 Inclusive Learning Environments
  • EDUC 501 Introduction to Teacher Research
  • EDUC 516: Curriculum and Instruction in the Elementary School: Content-Area Literacy and Social Studies or EDUC 520: Discipline-Specific Methods for Teaching Adolescents or EDUC 522: : Discipline-Specific K-12 Curriculum and Instructional Design
  • EDUC 517: Curriculum and Instruction in the Elementary Schools: Math and Science or EDUC 519: Adolescent Curriculum and Instructional Design
  • EDUC 518: Elementary Student Teaching and Seminar or EDUC 521: Student Teaching in Adolescent Classrooms (12 hours)
  • EDUC 502 Teacher Action Research Project (1 hour)
  • EDUC 506: Teaching Adolescent Students (middle school endorsement for elementary candidates only)

37 hours of coursework (41 hours for middle school endorsement), in addition to foundational course work*
6 MAT courses, plus student teaching, and action research project

*additional content courses may be required depending on transcript review