Notes from Abroad: Kassandra in South Korea

January 15, 2020

Kassandra Perez ’19 is a Spanish major and Asian Studies Minor who studied at Ewhas Womans University in Seoul, South Korea

I want to thank the Ingrid H. and George L. Speros Scholarship for Study Abroad, I was able to study abroad with the help of this scholarship. I studied at Ewhas Womans University, and I couldn’t be happier than to have chosen to go there. Being in South Korea made me realize how interested I was in Asian History and Culture. My semester wrapped up great and sad, with having to say the goodbyes to amazing people I was able to meet through my semester being there. My semester wrapped up pretty nice, I was able to do a couple last things with friends and really sit and appreciate my time and the culture there as my time was ending. Everyone can have their own ways of appreciating a different culture or a way to feel connected with it. As well the different parts of a culture as well, before my time ended being abroad I made sure to walk around a little and enjoy the neighborhood and area I had spent around the last 4 months as well as having a nice Korean meal. During the 4 months I spent in South Korea not only did I have the opportunity to learn more about Korea through my courses but as well as through other students and friends. I feel that I was able to interact around the area of the school allowed me to see how South Korea is. The people around were so friendly, nice, and welcoming as well, it made me feel nice. I was able to push myself in trying new things and exploring around in different cities which is out of my comfort zone, but there was no other way in being able to get to know a place without a little traveling. The best part was that if I couldn’t sleep, one of the things that I did was see if another friend was awake and we would walk. There were a lot of places where you can walk and it was just absolutely beautiful. You didn’t need to travel a long distance to be able to see nice scenery or something that was eye catching. That was one of the things I loved about Seoul, it was absolutely beautiful; anywhere you went there was something that was breathtaking.

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