Meet our Staff

Lisa Hinkley
Associate VP for Career and Professional Development

Lisa Hinkley is the Director of the Career Advancement Center and Director of the Academic Internship Program. She is a member of  the President’s Senior Staff team and is charged with leading career preparation efforts for the College.

During her 10+ years of experience in career services, she has taught courses on leadership, career decision-making, and job search strategies.  She also presents at national and regional conferences on topics that include managing in times of change and developing innovative programs to meet the needs of special populations.  Lisa serves on the advisory board for the Collegiate Employment Research Institute (CERI), which specializes in researching students’ transition from college to work. 

Lisa earned her master’s degree in student affairs administration from Michigan State University and bachelor’s degree in political science from Bradley University.  She loves to learn and beyond the world of career development is especially interested in health, fitness, and food.



Alina (Allen) Guarise
Associate Director 


Alina Guarise  oversees employer relations, communications, assessment and office operations.

With over eight years combined experience in consulting, non-profit management and career services, Alina actually started her higher education at Lake Forest College in the Career Advancement Center. She later moved to New York University to pursue her MPA and work at the Wasserman Center for Career Development. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from the University of Illinois - Champaign/Urbana.

In her spare time, Alina writes for the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ blog about assessment, spends time getting re-acquainted with Chicago, and practices Italian with her husband (who is an Italian native!).  

Joe Chmura
Assistant Director

Joe Chmura works primarily with students who have an interest in the worlds of business, economics, finance, communication, sociology and anthropology to help align career interests with their professional goals.  

Joe graduated from Niagara University with a degree in business administration and has broad experience as a human resource executive and business leader. His career ranges from medical and pharmaceuticals sales to a variety of roles in H.R., including senior executive positions at Baxter Healthcare and Follett Library Resources.

Throughout his career he has worked with students at a variety of universities, creating unique intern and rotation opportunities that resulted in rewarding careers. He has also worked to support the continuing mission and growth of Chicago schools including Hales Franciscan High School. Joe has also served on the Board of Directors of the Lake County Workforce Investment Board and the McHenry County Workforce Investment Board, where he served as the vice chair. 

Colleen Monks
Assistant Director

Colleen Monks works primarily with independent scholars and those students interested in the health professions, sciences, psychology, math, and computer science to discover their interests and to develop and pursue their professional goals.  

 Before coming to Lake Forest College, Colleen worked at Northwestern University Career Advancement and taught a first-year experience course for students in engineering and applied sciences.  She brings with her over 5 years of experience counseling and advising college students on topics relating to student success with a focus on career development.  Prior to her work in career services, Colleen served in a variety of roles within education settings including Student Support Services TRiO advisor and applied behavior analysis therapist.  

Colleen graduated from DePaul University with a Master of Education in Counseling, and she holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the Ohio State University.  In her spare time, Colleen enjoys trying out new restaurants in downtown Chicago and playing beach volleyball by Lake Michigan in the summer.


Melinda Pudlo
 Department Assistant


Melinda Pudlo graduated from Benedictine University with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition. She obtained her MBA from Dominican University. After working in the corporate world for many years, in various positions of administration, account management, and marketing, Melinda joined Lake Forest College in the fall of 2005 as the Career Advancement Center’s department assistant.

Melinda’s role is to assist the Career Advancement Center’s staff, Lake Forest College students, and faculty with the events and activities sponsored by the Career Advancement Center. 

She lives in Grayslake, IL with her family, which consists of her husband, two sons, and dog. Melinda enjoys working out, reading, traveling and mostly spending time with her family and friends.

To learn about the faculty internship supervisors, browse the internships section of the site.


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