Biology majors don’t just learn facts about living things, they learn how to be scientists. This means they can often be found in the lab, actively engaged in research with faculty. Students have exciting opportunities for internships and research at world-class Chicago institutions like the Field Museum, Chicago Botanic Garden, Shedd Aquarium, and Rosalind Franklin University of Medical Sciences. Biology students are well-trained by hypothesis-driven coursework. While a major or minor in biology is great preparation for postgraduate training in academic research or the health professions, our students also become competitive graduates and professionals in industry and fields like environmental policy, education and museum administration.

Department News

  • He’s pursuing an MD/PhD at Penn State, yet alumnus Brian Kinsman ’09 turned to his Lake Forest College mentors for their help when he applied for—and won—a National Heart Lung and Blood Institute fellowship.
  • A research paper by Associate Professor of Biology Alex Shingleton and Omid Saleh Ziabari ’15 has been published in Evolution, the international journal of organic evolution.
  • 2016 marks a remarkable ninth straight year that Lake Forest College science majors stood on the podium at the premier pharmacology meeting in the Midwest.  For the second straight year, this celebration was double. Emily Ong ’17 and Rosemary Thomas ’18 both earned individual second prizes among undergraduates for their neuroscience research at the 29th Annual Great Lakes Chapter of the American Society of Pharmaceutical and Experimental Therapeutics (GLC-ASPET) meeting held at the Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University, on Thursday, July 7.
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