2018 Chinese College Speech Contest

Chinese Speech Contest Winners
April 23, 2018

As the first liberal arts college to host the 2018 Chinese College Speech Contest, the event not only enabled us to explore collaborative opportunities with other 10 higher educational institutions, but also help build our leadership recognition in promoting the Chinese language and culture across the Midwest.

On Saturday April 21, 2018, the Lake Forest College Modern Languages and Literatures Department had the honor of hosting this year’s Midwest College Chinese Speech Competition. Prof. Ying Wu from Modern Languages and Literatures Department was the chair of organizational committee. This contest gives Chinese learning students the chance to demonstrate their Chinese speaking abilities, as well as give students the chance to travel to China for a famous, national competition. At this contest, more than 30 participants delivered a 3-5-minute speech and present a Chinese cultural talent. There were six competition levels: 1st year language students, 2nd year language students, 3rd year language students, 4th year language students, 1st and 2nd year heritage students, and 3rd and higher heritage students. In all, over 80 people were in attendance, with 11 different Midwest schools participating.  Our students, Deki Gyaltshen, Maria Meza, Cynthia Padron, Ericka Vega won bronze metals.  Egor Plotnikov got a silver metal. Prof. Shiwei Chen, chair of Asian Studies, delivered the welcoming remarks.  Ms. Min Chen, Education Section Consul, Consulate General of Peoples’ Republic of China in Chicago, who began the opening ceremonies with words of encouragement. Later, at the annual banquet, held at the Education Facility of the Chinese Consulate General, Consulate General, Mr. Hong Lei, delivered a very inspirational speech. In addition, Deputy Consulate General, Mr. Liu Jun was in attendance along with other members of the Consulate. Overall, this event was a huge success, and it was truly an honor that Lake Forest College was able to host the event.