2017 Lake Forest Literary Festival

December 01, 2016

The thirteenth incarnation of the annual Lake Forest Literary Festival is a celebration of American stories, from the Thoreauvian story Mark Edmundson has to tell about the unfulfilled possibilities of American idealism to the literary horror of Brian Evenson and  the ghost stories of Lake Forest College alumna Emily Cappetini ’09, to the inventive feminist circus story told in the first novel of Meg Whiteford, this year’s Plonsker Prize winner, to the “novel you can walk through” of Alana and Lance Olsen.

The annual Lake Forest Literary Festival welcomes writers, artists, filmmakers, and other creative thinkers to the College for readings, workshops, and student discussions.

Since 2004, we’ve welcomed everyone from John Waters to Shelley Jackson to William Gass. Add in the the annual Plonsker Prize winner, and you’ve got an annual recipe for wonderful word soup, dynamic literary entrees, and the best dessert of all: the time to listen, read, and think.

Thursday, March 2

Monday, March 20