Student Life

Student life is full of possibilities at Lake Forest College. Honor societies, cultural groups, Greek life, theater, intramurals: at Lake Forest, you’ll find a community that’s right for you.

You’ll never run out of things to do at Lake Forest. There’s something going on here every day. Whether its riding a mechanical bull to celebrate Forester Friday or winning best dressed at Mohr at Midnight’s Barn Dance, our student center is full of fun opportunities. 

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    The big-name television journalist, producer, narrator, and news anchor visited Lake Forest College on November 14 to share stories about his career, offer commentary on the evolution of journalism, and shake hands with students during this Gates Center-sponsored event.
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    The Steven Galovich Memorial Student Symposium brings all the members of the Lake Forest College community together for a riveting day of scholarly and creative presentations, exhibits, debates, performances, demonstrations, and posters.

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