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Career Pathways

  1. Follow a pathway to success. 

    Explore your options through our four-year Career Pathways program. Through four stages of personal exploration and career development, you’ll make connections with people who can help you land a job or go to graduate school. 99% of 2018 graduates secured jobs or were enrolled in graduate study within approximately six months of graduation.

    Engage a network along the way.

    Faculty, staff, alumni, employers, and trustees act as mentors for students in the pathway communities. Close proximity to Chicago and a strong network of alumni and friends give our students access to a range of career opportunities few other colleges can offer. The career network will help you through the four stages:

  2. Learn about your career and academic options.

    “I started going to the Career Advancement Center my first year in college. They helped me with everything from putting a resume together, to exploring career options, to finding my first job.”

  3. Target one or more professional pathways.

    Start exploring pathways for inspiration, ideas, events, and next steps to clarify your interests: Business and Finance, Creative Arts and Communication, Science and Health Care, Law and Public Service, or Build Your Own. Careers often blend together, and so do pathways — be open-minded!

  4. Refine your path and strengthen relevant skills.

    “The pathways help me to see the connection between majors, careers, and co-curricular activities. I had no idea that there were so many ways to develop my interests and skills.”

  5. Polish your credentials.

    Pursue opportunities with employers and graduate or professional schools that fit your skills, interests, and values.