Fall Admitted Students

Fall Admitted Students

Welcome to your one-stop-shop for everything you need to be an official Forester. Click “Dates and Deadlines” in the left column to keep track of what you need to do over the course of the summer.

Here are your next steps: 

Take a big breath. Relax. The college admission process is over. You are now part of the Forester Family!

Hear from our students:

  • Casey Cusano ’17

    “…as an incoming transfer student I was a little bit nervous about putting myself out there. I thought people wouldn’t want to get to know me because they already had their sophomore group of friends, but the exact opposite happened.”

  • Fernando Figueroa ’17

    “Seeing friends at my soccer games doesn’t fail to make me happy, but they weren’t the only ones attending. It was amazing to look up into the stands and see my chemistry professors cheering us on.”

  • Pulkit Diwan ’16

    “Honestly, we consider you a part of the Forester Family, and as mentioned in the beginning, nobody gets left behind in this family.”

  • Holly McHenry ’18

    “When I talk to a high school student who is nervous about coming into college undecided, I will always let them know that there’s no need to panic. In fact they should be excited!”