Sociology and Anthropology

Although sociology and anthropology arose from two traditions, they are engaged in a common endeavor. Both fields ask students to explore similarities and contrasts in human social behavior, and students in this joint department learn how to examine other cultures and societies while they gain qualitative and quantitative tools for similar analysis outside the classroom. 

Work in the department centers on the comparative analysis of human societies, and we emphasize study of both modern and pre-modern societies, including issues of contemporary social policy.

Department News

  • October 28 
    Students Anne Marie Brugioni ’16 and Xhris Fitzgerald ’17 present preliminary findings at the Midwest Historical Archaeology Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota. More »
  • January 13 
    WBEZ-FM interviewed Professor Ahmad Sadri on the growing diplomatic crisis between Iran and Saudi Arabia for its Worldview program. More »
  • December 9 
    Assistant Professor of Sociology Todd Beer has been conducting research for the last week at the UNFCCC COP21 meeting in Paris, where nations are negotiating a new climate change agreement to reduce fossil fuel emissions and address the consequences of global warming. More »
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