Department of Religion

Students learn first-hand about religions from around the world.Students learn first-hand about religions from around the world.

The study of religion prepares people for life in the 21st century, characterized by diverse cultures, values, and traditions. Religious studies provide insight into the world in a way that facilitates an understanding of varied world views and ethical systems.

Previous majors have combined religion with business, legal studies, international relations, politics, psychology, music, art, sociology, environmental science, biology, and pre-health.

Why Study Religion?

The study of religion has been one of the most important fields of academic study since the first colleges and universities were formed! There are many reasons to study religion:

  • Religion is a powerful and often central part of the lives of individuals and groups

  • Religion is an important factor in contemporary politics, business, and international affairs

  • Studying religion develops an understanding of people and groups that is useful for any career path

  • Studying religion teaches important skills (critical thinking, good writing, detail-oriented reading) that prepare one for future success

What Do We Study?

We study the roles religion plays in human life:

  • The richness and diversity of human religious life

  • Similarity and difference within and among religious traditions

  • Questions of meaning as raised around the world

  • Connections among religion, culture, and society


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