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Our classes regularly volunteer at schools in nearby North Chicago.Our classes regularly volunteer at schools in nearby North Chicago.

  • Seeing his students wanting to connect basic research in psychology to the real world, Prof. Matt Kelley’s teaching influenced his research. He’s done studies that suggest censoring lyrics can actually make those words more memorable to listeners. Research like this helps his students make the connections they needed between theory, research, and their everyday lives.

Through empirical investigation, faculty and students in the psychology department seek to understand the building blocks of behavior at all levels, from neural networks and sensory systems to more integrated dimensions, such as personality, life span development, psychopathology, and social interaction. In the classroom, lab, and field, our professors guide students through a scientific approach to the study of the mind.


Our students assist faculty with and conduct their own original research, from brains and robots to learning languages. With a strong preparation in research methods, psychology students are well prepared for graduate school and careers in fields like business, communication, and health professions. 

Department News

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    Psychology professors taught Alyssa Parr ’13 how to use a complex statistical technique usually reserved for second- or third-year PhD students while she was working on her senior thesis. More »
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    Only a couple of thousand doctors in the world practice sport psychology. Even then, only a few dozen of them are doing it at an elite level, and Adam O’Neil ’05 is well on his way to becoming one of them. More »
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    Collaborative memory research by Associate Professor of Psychology Matthew Kelley, Carli Pentz ’13, and Matthew Reysen from the University of Mississippi was published in the current issue of the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. More »
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