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The medical school acceptance rate of Lake Forest graduates is roughly 85%, two times the national average. Graduates of our Pre-Health programs go on to advanced study at top programs including Columbia University, Stanford University, Northwestern University, and the University of California San Diego. 

  • Alina Konnikova ‘11 listens for a child’s lung clarity while volunteering in Costa Rica
    Alina Konnikova ‘11 listens for a child’s lung clarity while volunteering in Costa Rica

Advising for Pre-Health students is designed for all majors – but students most often major in Biology, Chemistry, Neuroscience, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Psychology, Physics, or Mathematics. Pre-Health Advising assists students who are interested in entering programs in the health professions, including medical and dental school, nursing school, pharmacy school, physical therapy training.

Goals of Pre-Health Advising are to:

  • advise appropriate course selection and sequence of courses
  • aid in assessing student’s progress toward professional school goals
  • provide information about professional school requirements and admission criteria
  • assist students in selecting schools and in the application process, including writing a cover or committee letter
  • provide information and assistance regarding standardized tests


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