Department of Philosophy

Our philosophy department seeks to develop the critical reasoning skills essential for most careers and to foster creativity so students can develop their own insights and arguments. 

Our courses emphasize the variety of philosophical visions and relate to many other subjects on campus, from law to business to biology to art. We explore a range of human challenges, from social justice to neuroscience. Not surprisingly, our students often complete double majors and regularly develop senior projects that combine the two.

Our alumni have gone on to careers in politics and government, information technology, health care, and more. A student could choose a career in ethics and join nearly any industry. Not to mention that philosophy students score higher than any other major in the verbal and analytical/writing sections on the GRE.

The philosophy curriculum at Lake Forest College highlights the discipline’s central and critical role:

1. We explore the immense range of philosophical concerns.
2. We stress the practical as well as the intrinsic value of philosophical inquiry.
3. We recognize the value of philosophical training for a broad range of careers.

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