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Neuroscience Highlights

  • By studying how cells manipulate proteins, Professor Shubhik DebBurman and his students hope to better understand why some proteins change shape and cause incurable neurological diseases like Parkinson’s. Many of Professor DebBurman’s students have had the opportunity to co-author publications with him on this research and to turn their lab work into research projects and senior theses.

About Neuroscience at Lake Forest College

Neuroscience is one of the fastest growing science majors. It seeks to explain the biological basis of behavior, by integrating natural and social sciences with humanities and performing arts.  Our students explore brain function in depth and address current ideas regarding sensation and perception, affect, thought, behavior, and psychiatry and neurology. The program’s vibrant and intellectually engaged student culture particularly attracts research-driven majors interested in making such interdisciplinary connections with a high level of rigor.

  • First-year neuroscience students conduct brain outreach with North Chicago fifth graders.
    First-year neuroscience students conduct brain outreach with North Chicago fifth graders.

Neuroscience students pursue independent original research with faculty on topics as diverse as neurophilosophy, ethics, neural plasticity, human memory, applied cognitive psychology, child development, pharmacology, evolution of animal behavior, addiction, neurodegenerative disease, cellular physiology, clinical studies, and the genetics of organ development.
While this research-rich and practical interdisciplinary training provides an excellent background for launching into the graduate health professions, including medical school, it also prepares graduates for diverse scientific and other professions.

The program supports a strong student community of peer learners and leaders. The 2014 Lake Forest College Student-Organization-of-the-Year SYNAPSE fosters a vibrant student and faculty community focused on public education and outreach on neuroscience issues. Academic excellence is rewarded by selection into the national neuroscience honorary Nu Rho Psi. In 2013, our college chapter was awarded the National-Chapter-of-the-Year at the annual Society for Neuroscience meeting. Majors enjoy a strong focus on critical writing and persuasive communication by participating in the award-winning student research journal EUKARYON

Many neuroscience majors study abroad through exchange programs in New Zealand, Australia, the Netherlands, and more, where they take neuroscience courses and can engage in neuroscience research; other sites include Tanzania, Denmark, or Costa Rica. Some pursue off-campus study in Chicago, many conduct research at nearby Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science, and most engage in community outreach, and partner with North Chicago elementary schools for K-6 education.

The program sponsors a robust seminar series that features national experts in neuroscience and neurology/psychiatry. Our majors regularly receive recognition from professional societies, at the local and national level, for their scholarship and educational outreach activities, and many have become published scholars. They annually interact with scientific professionals and the research community at the Chicago Society for Neuroscience conference. Since 2011, they have won fifteen research prizes at Chicago area conferences and the Brain Awareness Week Award from the international Society for Neuroscience (SfN)


Meet our majors and minors

  • Pascal Accoh ’12
    Chicago, Illinois

    Neuroscience and Biology majors

    ”I wanted to study the connections between brain, mind and behavior because there is so much that is still unknown about them. My career plan is in a medical profession. What I most enjoy about studying at Lake Forest College is the ability to work closely with the professors, and the small class sizes.”

  • Pooja Acharya ’17
    Vernon Hills, IL

    Neuroscience major
    African American Studies minor

    Unlike some students, I never got a chance to learn about the brain in detail until I came to Lake Forest College. When I came to Lake Forest College, I had no idea that I was going to be a neuroscience major; but after taking Medical Mysteries of the Mind (FYS 106) and Introduction to Psychology (PSY110) I got interested in this major. Neuroscience, unlike other majors, provides me with an opportunity to take several different courses such as philosophy, psychology, biology, ethics, etc. Here, at Lake Forest College, Neuroscience department invites k-6 kids to teach them about the brain and its function. As I moved to the US from a developing country, I have seen many kids deprived of education and there is not much emphasis on neuroscience and the brain. After teaching those kids about the brain and its function during k-6 outreach, a thought came across my mind that I should take the knowledge I gain from this field and share it with the people in developing countries where they know nothing about the mechanisms of the brain and the relationship between the brain and their behavior. I hope to accomplish this goal after completing my education as a clinical psychologist or as a psychiatrist.

  • Kayla Ahlstrand ’12

    Grayslake, Illinois

    Neuroscience and Biology majors

    “I am studying the connections between brain, mind, and behavior because I believe many people underestimate how powerful our brains really are. It’s fascinating to learn about the underlying reasons that cause us to think and act the way we do. My interest in neuroscience originated as a Richter Scholar studying Parkinson’s disease. After declaring a minor in neuroscience, I helped create and became an executive officer of SYNAPSE, the college’s brain awareness organization. I especially enjoy the neuroscience curriculum because it combines my interest in my major and another intriguing field of study, psychology. What I most enjoy about studying at Lake Forest College is the close-knit community and the ability to be involved in many activities on such a small campus.“ 

  • Amanda Allred ’14
    Kansas City, Missouri

    Neuroscience major
    English minor

    “Referred to as the “Final Frontier” in science, neuroscience is an exciting, innovative, interdisciplinary program encompassing biology, psychology, chemistry, and philosophy. I chose to study this field because I am interested in the molecular basis of human how we perceive the world, how we communicate, how we learn, etcetera. As an English minor, I enjoy explaining how neuroscience—and science in general—impacts the global community. Lake Forest courses have allowed me to gain experience interpreting current scientific findings as well as conduct my own experiments. I was also able to further my studies at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. Additionally, I am conducting a senior thesis in a molecular genetics lab on campus. After I graduate, I plan on taking a gap year before attending graduate school.”


  • Charles Alvarado ’16

    North Chicago, Illinois

    Neuroscience and Education majors

    Neuroscience has always been an interest of mine; I have always wondered why humans are so much different than other animals and why. The brain and its behavior fascinates me and with the bonus of Brain Awareness Week and the interesting classes involving neuroscience I could not resist! I hope to go into the medical field with the aim to become a neurologist. I also plan on studying abroad and intern with a doctor in my future field. I feel that Lake Forest College provides the perfect setting to allow me to accomplish my goals in a very engaging and unique manner.


  • Celina Antony ’14
    Morton Grove, Illinois

    Neuroscience and Psychology major

    I chose to study neuroscience because I wanted to learn how all the different parts of the brain worked together to create our personalities and actions. My original plan was to be a biology major, but after my first year study class with Dr. DebBurman I changed my mind. The courses that I took for the major were some of the most challenging that I have ever taken but the most rewarding. The rigorous curriculum at Lake Forest has taught me many skills such as how to read a scholarly article and how to make and give a presentation that will be useful in the future. In the future I plan to go to graduate school to become a librarian at a research or science library.


  • Derek Atchley ’10
    Monroe, Michigan

    Psychology major
    Neuroscience minor

    “I am studying neuroscience because my entire life I have been fascinated by how the mind works and what happens when those systems go awry. My career plan is to pursue a PhD in behavioral neuroscience and continue doing research. What I enjoyed most about studying neuroscience at Lake Forest College was the small campus environment with all of the resources of Chicago for research.”

  • Brittany Avonts ’17

    McHenry, IL

    Neuroscience  major


    My decision to become a neuroscience major stemmed from a personal experience of watching my grandfather struggle with Alzheimer’s disease.  Since then I have a desire to know more about neurological diseases and understand more about them.  Neuroscience has allowed me to gain a deeper understanding at the molecular level behind these diseases and has reinforced my desire to pursue a career as a physician.  In doing so, I hope to relieve the burden to families who struggle with the emotional and physical demands of having a family member with any illness or disease.  After graduation, I intend to take a gap year to obtain more clinical experience and then plan to apply to medical school and start my journey in becoming a doctor.  
  • Saul Bello Rojas ’16
    Atlanta, Georgia

    Neuroscience major

    “Neuroscience interested me after receiving a concussion during my high school freshmen baseball season. During my initial visits to the neurologist, I found his knowledge of the brain fascinating, so I further researched the human brain: anatomy, physiology, and diseases during my spare time. Eventually, I gained a love for the science, and now, I hope to further increase my understanding of the brain and become a neurologist. Ultimately, I hope to use my knowledge of the brain to reduce the number of concussions received during athletic events and prevent athletes from obtaining these life-altering brain injuries.”

    Saul is planning to pursue a PhD in pharmacology after graduation.

  • Grant Brady ’18
    Parkville, MO

    Neuroscience major

    Throughout my academic career, I have known that I wanted to pursue a career in the sciences.   Upon completion of a human anatomy class my sophomore year of high school, I knew that I wanted to go into the medical field.  I ultimately chose neuroscience for my major because the brain has always fascinated me.  I am interested in how it controls different parts of the body, as well as functions, such as thinking and emotion.  I enjoy hands on work and challenges, which is why my dream is to become a neurosurgeon.  I have no doubt the neuroscience program at Lake Forest College will prepare me for medical school and my future career.


  • Daniella Brutman ’12
    Vernon Hills, Illinois

    Neuroscience and Biology double major
    Chemistry minor

    “I am studying the connections of the brain, mind, and behavior because I am interested in the basis of human behavior and what can happen when the basis of our behavior, the brain, is not functioning properly. My career plan is to become a pediatrician. What I most enjoy about studying a Lake Forest College is the small size of the classes and the ability to get to know the professors.”

  • Jody Buck ’13

    Seattle, Washington

    Neuroscience and English major

    “As a neuroscience major, I studied the connections between brain, mind, and behavior because I never cease to be amazed by how truly remarkable the human brain is. I especially enjoyed learning about language and the molecular and psychological basis of our immensely complex ability to speak, write, and communicate with one another. I found that my study of neuroscience provides me with a unique background for approaching and appreciating my second major in English, and connecting these seemingly unrelated academic disciplines. What I enjoyed most about studying at Lake Forest College is the amazing support of the professors who are always willing to provide extra help with anything I may need, from understanding concepts discussed in class to finding internships. My postgraduate plans are to pursue a career in scientific editorial writing.”

  • Katrina Campbell ’14
    Akron, Colorado

    Biology major
    Neuroscience and Spanish minors

    “Our knowledge of how the nervous system works is greatly expanding. In the future, I think we will continue to understand things we doubted we would ever discover. This is one reason why I chose to become a neuroscience major. Like many others in the field of neuroscience, I am also interested in how our brains function to produce what we call consciousness and how problems can arise within our nervous system. Through the neuroscience program at Lake Forest College, I have presented at and attended multiple conferences. Attending conferences allows me to talk with people that work in the fields I am interested in and see for myself what scientists do past an undergraduate degree. In the future, I hope to complete a PhD program in a biology/neuroscience related field such as molecular biology or neuroscience.”

  • Neuroscience and Psychology majors

    I am very excited to be a part of the Neuroscience program at Lake Forest College. As a neuroscience major, I am able to work on many different research projects and learn more about the human body’s greatest organ. I was intrigued about the program because I have a fascination with mental diseases and mental health. With family that has suffered from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, I have been motivated to learn about these diseases and work towards a cure. I hope to use my second major, psychology, as a support to help me grow within the Neuroscience program.

  • Sarah Chiren ’16

    Northbrook, Illinois

    Neuroscience major

    The decision to study neuroscience was natural for me. I have always been fascinated with how the human brain works and communicates with the body, how we learn and remember, and why some people suffer from diseases of the brain such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, depression and epilepsy. Neuroscience is vastly growing, with incredible research published daily. I most look forward to the opportunity to work in a neuroscience research laboratory. I believe that the thought and logic processes required to understand neuroscience are crucial to any career in health and medicine. My ultimate career goal is to attend medical school or graduate school for a career in neuroscience research.

  • Sydni Cole ’12

    Northbrook, Illinois

    Neuroscience major

    I am studying the connections between brain, mind, and behavior because I have a fascination with the interactions between the physiology of the brain and the psychological aspects of behavior. I love the interdisciplinary approach that the neuroscience program has because it allows me as a student to have a broad understanding of the brain biologically, psychologically, and philosophically. I am not entirely sure what my career plan is, but I’m pretty sure I want to work in the health sciences. I love the personal attention I get from my professors at Lake Forest College and their genuine want for me to learn and grow both as a student and as an individual.

  • Tiffany Davis ’18
    Lakemoor, IL

    Neuroscience and International Relations majors

    I was first attracted to the Neuroscience major because of my brother, who was diagnosed with Autism at age 3.  Seeing the problems that he and others with Autism suffer from inspired me to want to help them cope with their daily lives and be understood.  I want to aid in finding a cure for Autism, or to help people with Autism and related syndromes to better manage their lives.  I love the neuroscience program at Lake Forest because it allows me to explore different sides of neuroscience, and will help me achieve my dream of becoming a pediatric neurologist. 

  • Kimberly Diah ’13
    Kingston, Jamaica

    Psychology and Neuroscience major

    As a neuroscience major, I studied the connections between brain, mind, and behavior because I wanted to become a neuropsychologist and I was interested in the relationship between these three integral things that influence cognition. What I enjoyed the most about studying at Lake Forest College is the abundance of research opportunities that give ample experience within my field of study. I conducted my senior thesis in neuroscience and psychology on how addictive drugs affect the development of inhibitory neurons in the hippocampus. I plan to pursue a graduate degree in neuropsychology.

  • Rachel Domijancic ’18
    Peotone, IL

    Neuroscience major
    Psychology minor

    With my grandmother being diagnosed with Parkinson’s when I was very young, I instantly became very interested in neuroscience. The brain and its abilities amazes me. After taking part in Brain Awareness Week I was motivated to be more involved with Synapse. I am now the Director of Communications and Records on their executive board. After Lake Forest, I plan on going to medical school to pursue my dream of becoming a neurosurgeon
  • Jessica Dudley ’14
    Chicago, Illinois

    Neuroscience major
    Philosophy minor

    Once in my freshman year of high school, my science teacher brought out a mink for dissection. I was one of the few students excited to dig my dissecting knife into this dried creature. This came as no surprise to me, as I have always been interested in animal anatomy/physiology. My freshman year of college, I was introduced to a new aspect of human anatomy – the brain and the mysteries that could destroy it. Now a senior, I have served as a summer research assistant, researching the relationship between music and brainwaves via EEG, and performed research that will hopefully become a senior thesis. My next goal is to gain graduate training in nursing and eventually earn a Doctor of Nursing Practice. The neuroscience major has given me a great deal of discipline, biological knowledge, and research experience to push me into this next step.

  • D’Anne Duncan ’04
  • Alexandra Dunn ’16
    Cedar Rapids, IA

    Psychology and Neuroscience major

    I chose neuroscience because I am interested in both biology and psychology. The one thing that has stood out the most in neuroscience is the connection with the professors. The professor can either make or break the class, and all of the professors in biology and psychology have made classes extremely enjoyable. My neuroscience major will help me immensely in my future plans because it covers a broad range of topics, allowing me to be well-versed in multiple fields.

  • Alexus Edmonds ’13
    Rockford, Illinois

    Neuroscience major
    African American Studies minor

    As aNeuroscience major, I was very interested in mental health and its effects on the human body. After graduating my career plan is to work as a neurologist in a high risk urban neighborhood to help people with severe neurological issues. What I most enjoyed about studying at Lake Forest College is one on one support from professors in a hands-on learning environment. I conducted a senior research project in neuroscience by studying dating violence in African American communities and its connection to riskier sexual practice in Dr. Helen Wilson’s psychology lab at RFUMS. Since graduation I have started working as a research assistant at the University of Illinois in Chicago. I hope to pursue a career in public health care and family medicine after completing a dual-graduate degree in both areas.

  • Megan Escanilla ’14
    Vernon Hills, Illinois

    Neuroscience major

    Lake Forest College has given me a rewarding three years experience. I made my decision to switch to Neuroscience knowing I am interested in psychology, biology, and the brain. As a research assistant in Professor Wentworth’s eye movement lab I familiarized myself on how tracking eye movements have to be used as a recovery tool and early detection of brain diseases. I am also honored to have known Professor Glassman with whom I also picked up an interest in electromyography. His openness, dedication, and shared interest in muscle movement and recovery is relevant to my career goal of becoming a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. Dr. Dohrmann and I worked out an internship at Pathways Center for children with cerebral palsy and I had the opportunity to work with PT’s and OT’s.

  • Obaiy Fahmy ’16
    Vernon Hills, Illinois

    Neuroscience major

    “I am a neuroscience major because the things that intrigue me the most are human behavior and function. Biology teaches us that without our brain we are useless beings. Neuroscience uses biology, chemistry, psychology, and even philosophy to explain that our functionality as humans is not only scientifically based. In order to understand why we do what we do, we have to understand both the scientific and social aspects to every behavior.”

  • Daniela Garcia-Limon ’16
    Waukegan, Illinois

    Neuroscience major

    I am interested in studying neuroscience because I want to expand my knowledge of how the brain works. Ever since my smallest sibling was diagnosed with a brain tumor I have been curious of how the brain controls every part of our bodies and how certain diseases are formed in the brain. I know that the neuroscience path will definitely inform me and clear all my curiosities while also preparing me for my future goals. My plan for the future is getting into graduate school and doing further research in oncology. Lake Forest College provides many opportunities and resources that will definitely help me achieve all my goals.

  • Viktoriya Georgieva ’18
    Mt Prospect, IL

    Neuroscience major

    I chose to study Neuroscience at Lake Forest College because the mystery of the mind has always fascinated me. I often find myself wondering why people make certain decisions and more importantly what role the brain plays in many decisions and actions. I feel fortunate to be part of the Neuroscience program at Lake Forest College because it provides students with countless opportunities to get exposed to research, internships, and most importantly work closely with professors who are willing to go out of their way to see students succeed and achieve their personal goals. In the future, I hope to be able to work in a lab or with patients and help find a cure for one of the neurological diseases. 

  • Amanda Gibbs ’16

    Las Vegas, Nevada

    Neuroscience major

    There have been tremendous advancements in the scientific and medical fields this century and even this decade, but there is still a great deal of progress that needs to be made and that is why I am studying neuroscience. I am fascinated by the brain and how it works (or in some cases, fails to work) as well as the mysteries that have yet to be solved. Though becoming a surgeon is my ultimate goal, I hope to contribute to the neuroscience field through research both during and after my time at Lake Forest College. What I love most about Lake Forest is the way in which I am able to work with professors, who make learning far more than merely tests and grades; professors are constantly available to answer any question or quarry their students have. With their help and the knowledge I’ve gained, it is my intent to apply to medical school following graduation.
  • Amarantha Gomez ’17
    Gages Lake, IL

    Biology major
    Neuroscience and Political Science minor

    Growing up I was a curious child. I was one of those kids who would continue to ask “why?” until all my frustrated parents could say was “just because!”. The number of times I was grounded for “dissecting” worms, ants, slugs, and rollie pollies is more than I care to admit. I’ve always loved science therefore I knew early on I wanted to dedicate my life to it. Neuroscience is a field that offers me the ability to explore my love for science and biology, whilst allowing me an outlet for that natural curiosity of mine. The brain is the key to our humanity, it is by all accounts the most pivotal organ to human life. Therefore it is only natural for me to want to learn about and explore this amazing entity to the furthest of my abilities. After my time at LFC I plan attend medical school or do graduate work in the fields of neuroscience and biology. What I enjoy most about LFC is that that professors are truly invested in our success and do everything that they can to help us attain it.

  • Logan Graham ’17
    Wilmette, Illinois

    Neuroscience major

    In the sixth grade I stumbled across a book titled The Brain That Changes Itself, by Dr. Norman Doidge. After reading the first chapter I was hooked. Neuroplasticity, the idea that our thoughts can change the structure and function of our brain into old age, excited me and left me craving more. I actively set out to discover as much as I could about the brain and nervous system and a few years later came across Lake Forest College’s neuroscience program. At Lake Forest College, there are endless opportunities to interact with students and faculty to discuss topics such as neuroplasticity, and connect them to current research and findings in the field. Little did I know that one book was all it would take to hook me into the field of neuroscience.

  • Khadijah Hamid ’16
    Niles, IL

    Neuroscience and Spanish major

    My philosophy in life has always been “knowledge alone isn’t power, applied knowledge is power.” After seeing the dedication of my professors, the academic rigor, the high expectations, and the competitive and collaborative environment at Lake Forest College, I know that being a biology and neuroscience double major will provide me with knowledge in areas that have always interested me. The opportunities available here will allow me to apply my knowledge as an undergraduate working in a research lab along with being involved in internships and other experiences. The challenging curriculum will prepare me well for medical school and a profession in the medical field. I know I will be equipped with the essential skills to question and also find answers to the unknown and hopefully make contributions to the constantly growing field of science.

  • Malia Hansen ’17
    Verona, Wisconsin

    Neuroscience and Math major

    I was one of those kids that constantly asked why, so the sciences were always my favorite classes. I loved finding out why the world works and how everything fits together. When faced with college, I knew I wanted to be a part of a great neuroscience program. Neuroscience pulls from chemistry, biology, and psychology to create one challenging, fulfilling field. My professors have pushed me to grow and to ask more questions. I am glad to be apart of an ever expanding field and a first-rate program here at Lake Forest College.

  • Devon Hawins ’18
    Lees Summit, MO

    Neuroscience and Chemistry majors

    Jumping into a neuroscience major can seem rather daunting at first, yet both the discovers and mysteries it encompasses makes it, in my opinion, the most fascinating major. I have always been intrigued by how the brain and body communicate with one another, especially when issues arise in these pathways. These issues, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or any other neurological malfunction, require a dedication and a passion for helping others to find relief for those with these complex diseases. I plan on using my dedication and passion for helping others to get a career in neurological research.

  • Heather Heitkotter ’16
    Schaumburg, IL

    Neuroscience and Biology major

    I chose to become a neuroscience major because I have always been interested in learning about why people think and act the way that they do, and how neurological disorders, such as autism or Parkinson’s disease, occur and why. Lake Forest College stands out from others because the college has a neuroscience department, and involves cellular level as well as behavioral level courses for neuroscience, which include creative, independent lab work and internship opportunities. My Lake Forest College experience has shaped who I am today, when I am in and out of the lab, and has helped me decide to go into a scientific career that involves neuroscience.

  • Alexa Hemmer ’16
    Mundelein, Illinois

    Neuroscience major

    “I am studying neuroscience because the brain has always fascinated me, and neuroscience allows me to further understand the brain from a biological standpoint. Being able to study the biological aspect of the brain will enhance my understanding of how the brain works and how that influences one’s behavior and emotion. After completing my undergraduate degree at Lake Forest, my dream is to attend medical school and open up my own practice as a psychiatrist.”

  • Kayla Huber ’16
    Buffalo Grove, Illinois

    Neuroscience and Psychology major
    Women & Gender Studies minor

    I was elated to find that Lake Forest College offered a neuroscience major. The neuroscience program allows me to get a taste of classes from a wide array of disciplines. For the past few years, the inner workings of the brain has completely fascinated me and the fact that so much is left to be discovered gives me hope that I will be able to leave a mark on the field one day. I certainly look forward to taking a class in Molecular Neuroscience as well as writing my own senior thesis. I know my work and experiences at Lake Forest College will pave the way for a successful four years in Medical School and another eight years in neurosurgery residency. I have a long way to go, but it was Plutarch who said, “The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.

  • Jyothis James ’16
    Morton Grove, Illinois

    Neuroscience major

    “Human cognition is the most noteworthy quality of our species. Therefore, within its subsidiary processes, the nervous system that governs this caliber should hold the secrets to the brilliance that ensues. With neuroscience I can satiate my curiosity to explain why behavioral differences exist, how neurochemistry influences decision-making, or how previously intangible cognitive phenomena can be broken down into non-abstract terms. With this interest, I hope to gain a career incorporating neuroscience and medical ethics. I am currently on the pre-health track to pursue my dream.”

  • Greg Jamieson ’15
    Elk Grove, Illinois

    Neuroscience major

    I’ve chosen neuroscience as my major here at Lake Forest College because I believe to understand everything around us, we first need to take step back and understand ourselves. Neuroscience is an all-encompassing, interdisciplinary major that collaborates with everything from microbiology to philosophy. In the first year here at Lake Forest we were already being exposed to the anatomy of a human brain; which is truly exciting. I plan on pursuing a career in health/medicine after graduating Lake Forest College and I know the knowledge I gain from the Neuroscience program here will be a huge advantage in my future goals.

  • Michael Janecek ’18
    Cimice, EZ

    Neuroscience and History majors

    Migrating from psychology to neuroscience was a decision propelled primarily by my curiosity. I feel that understanding processes at their cellular level gives me a deeper insight and provides me with better answers to my questions regarding human sexuality and mental disorders—more so than studying behavioral outcomes alone. Above all, the Neuroscience Major is interdisciplinary, thus allowing me to gain a well-rounded impression by studying the physical, but also the metaphysical functions of the brain. Finally, neuroscience is a young and flexible field. I am excited to explore its potential and challenge my worldview alongside majoring in history.


  • Kristi Johnson ’12
    Sheridan, Illinois

    Neuroscience and Psychology major

    I am from a small town in Illinois. When Lake Forest College created a neuroscience major I could not switch to it quick enough! The human brain is a fascinating and growing topic that our program covers extensively. I have participated in Brain Awareness Week and taken neuroscience classes that allow the opportunity to handle human brains; as an undergraduate I could not ask for more. The program helped me get a mentorship this summer in a neuroscience research lab, helping me reach my future health profession career goals.

  • Scott Johnston ’17
    Wheaton, Illinois

    Neuroscience major

    Ever since my grandfather, an immensely intelligent yet humble man who was disciplined in the sciences, enthusiastically shared his knowledge and love for science with me as a young child, science has been my destined area of study. However, despite the many possible scientific fields to choose from, neuroscience is what really captivates me. Neuroscience is the key to unlocking the deepest secrets of our conscious existence. The emotions we share, the processing of every sense that stimulates us and the memories that we hold dear can all be explained using neuroscience. At Lake Forest College, I am able to have frequent opportunities in which I can research and study this field alongside hard working students and passionately driven professors. In the immortal words of Carl Sagan, ‘Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.

  • Nikita Kalinoski ’16
    Mundelein, Illinois

    Neuroscience and Biology major

    “I have always been fascinated with complexity of human beings. But the brain complexity is in whole new level. Its plasticity and its ability to turn us into who we are amazes me. I love the fact that there is still so much to learn and explore about our brain functions. Why do we behave the way we do? Why brain disease occur and how to fix them? There are just so many questions to answer. I don’t know exactly what I want to do in future at the moment but I am certain that it will going to have something to do with neuroscience.”

  • Ayesha Khan ’15
    Morton Grove, Illinois

    Neuroscience major

    I came to Lake Forest College pursuing biology major, but soon after taking PSYC 110 I knew I wanted to do both; and what could have been a better way of combining the two than neuroscience! I was immensely intrigued by questions like why do we behave in certain ways? What causes behavioral or psychiatric disorders? Why do degenerative disorders have such a major impact on our behavior and personality? After taking a few courses like Cognitive Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience, I was surprised to find how big a role the brain plays in our behavior in everyday life; learning how the brain works is a major part in understanding it. Neuroscience is the anatomy, physiology, and the functions of the brain, but it’s also involved in almost everything else from music to art to dance, literature, learning, memory, and language! There is still so much about the mind that we don’t know! I hope to one day uncover those gaps by pursuing a career in neuropsychology, and the curriculum at Lake Forest has enabled me for this with valuable resources.

  • Fezokuhle Khumalo ’17

    Mhlume, Swaziland

    Major: Biology
    Minors: Neuroscience and Religion

  • Schuyler Kogan ’18
    Woodbury, CT

    Neuroscience and Biology major

    I have always been interested in the minds and brains of animals, and a neuroscientific perspective helps to understand the biology and behavior of them. I chose Lake Forest college partially because of the neuroscience major, and it has been a great advantage so far to have access to resources and instruction to give me a basis of information on the subject. Neuroscience is a very complex topic, and I don’t yet know what my focus on it will be as a future career, but I know my current learning will help me add to scientific knowledge in the future.


  • Natalie Kukulka ’13
    Glenview, Illinois

    Neuroscience and Biology major
    Studio Art minor

    ”As a neuroscience major, I studied the connections between brain, mind and behavior because I was fascinated by this topic and want to know as much as possible about it! Perhaps, in the future, my knowledge will help me in deciphering at least one of the neurological diseases and if not find a cure for it, then at least help the patients as much as possible. What I most enjoyed about studying at Lake Forest College are the vast resources that the school provides, countless opportunities that are available, and fantastic staff that are always there for the students. I conducted my senior thesis research in biology and neuroscience in Dr. Shubhik DebBurman’s Parkinson’s Disease lab on a topic I began as a Richter Scholar. My career plan is to either go to medical school or do MD/PhD.”

  • Reshma Kurian ’16
    Glenview, IL

    Neuroscience major

    The reason I chose neuroscience as a major was it combined aspects of biology and psychology. I have always loved the brain and its magnificent structures and abilities. Also, a neuroscience class reinforced my interests. Learning all about the brain and the different diseases was so amazing and just made me want to learn more. Especially because I have a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease, the class really opened my eyes about AD and it was so intriguing. Because this topic takes the brain and anatomy part of biology and different aspects of psychology; it is a great major for me to study. Neuroscience will hopefully help me in my future of medicine and lead me to great new findings and studies. Lake Forest College is a great place to nurture my study of neuroscience and I am so excited to go further in this part of my education!


  • Emma Levine ’18
    Lexington, MA

    Neuroscience and French majors
    History minor

    I chose to study neuroscience because I wanted to understand the biological component of abnormal psychology. I intend on moving forward to medical school and hopefully using my neuroscience background to aid in my studies and my future career aspirations as a psychiatrist. At lake forest, I love how passionate the professors are, it makes me excited to learn about neuroscience. 


  • Josephine Masandika ’16
    Arusha, Tanzania

    Biology major
    Neuroscience minor

    Growing up I knew I was interested in Biological Sciences; I just was not sure which program I would choose. Things became clearer when I took a class on “Making sense of Aging” which spiked my interest in molecular biology and all the things a human brain can do. I chose to pursue Neuroscience because it connected molecular mechanisms with physical Biology of how the brain works. Neuroscience program at Lake Forest College provides hands on experience by allowing students to work with professors doing research and preparing students for the real world. Plus I find that learning how the brain works, how diseases develop, and how to fight them endlessly fascinating.  This is why I plan to pursue Biomedical Engineering after graduating because I think it is a field that has a lot of potential and fascinating discoveries.

  • Ana McCracken ’15
    Chicago, IL

    Neuroscience major

    It’s every neurological disease and neural pathway that I’ve come across that drew me into neuroscience. I can’t remember the first time I read about AD or the neuron, but I know that every time I read about them, I am as intrigued as I was the first time. And to think that scientists have merely scratched the outside of what is yet to be known, keeps me hooked on this discipline.


  • Cassandra McCray ’16
    Love’s Park, Illinois

    Neuroscience major
    Chemistry and Spanish minor

    I am studying the connections between brain, mind, and behavior because the brain is the most complex organ in the human body. There are still so many discoveries to be made and mysteries to be uncovered. My mother was truly an inspiration because of her courage to undergo neurosurgery after experiencing epilepsy for many years. I wish to help change the lives of people like her. My plan is to attend medical school after my undergrad here at Lake Forest College, and ultimately become a neurosurgeon in the future. What I enjoy most about Lake Forest College is the increasing number of opportunities being offered to students in the science program. The faculty want to see you succeed and they are more than willing to assist you in any way possible.

  • Nysla Mejia ’16
    Elk Grove, IL

    Neuroscience major

    The neuroscience major here at Lake Forest presented me with the ideal learning experience I wished to have. I was always interested in both the molecular and the resulting behavioral aspects the brain can produce. This major offered me a curriculum that allows me to form a more cohesive picture of human behavior. Because of this major, I also gained a broader perspective as to what scientific fields pique my interest the most through both research and the classes I’ve taken. The research that I have done so far has helped me decide on going into a PhD program for neuroscience-related research after graduating.

  • Krista Meuli ’18
    Centennial, CO

    Neuroscience and International Relations majors

    I first became interested in neuroscience when one of my family members was diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disease. Through this experience and my curiosity I began to learn more about this disease and many other neurological diseases. I find neuroscience particularly fascinating because it can relate to almost any other discipline, even non-science ones. In the future, I hope to help treat and research neurodegenerative diseases.


  • Menzi Mhlanga ’11
    Mbabane, Swaziland

    Neuroscience and Psychology major

    I’m from Swaziland, Africa. My interest in neuroscience first started in high school while taking IB psychology. At the time I was really fascinated by certain mental disorders and this is an area of interest that has stayed with me even today. Since then my interest in neuroscience has only increased with the impressive classes that I have taken here at Lake Forest College. Being a part of the Lake Forest College community has truly been a fulfilling experience as I’ve had the opportunity to work with open-minded professors and learn valuable skills along the way. Currently I am majoring in Psychology and Neuroscience and hope to make my way into Psychiatry.

  • Anhar Mohamed ’14
    Libertyville, Illinois

    Neuroscience major

    I chose to study neuroscience because it is a dynamic and constantly evolving field with practical applications on both a molecular and behavioral scale. Participating in both neuroscience-related research and rigorous neuroscience coursework has given me a broad understanding of the amazing workings of the human nervous system. This understanding was cemented by peer-teaching introductory-level neuroscience courses and is something which I hope to apply to a future career in medicine.

  • Eddi Moravac ’15

    Neuroscience and Math major

    I was always wondering how does the brain work and how different changes in the environment can lead to different reactions in the brain. Discovering the Lake Forest College Neuroscience Program was like Prusiners’ discovery of Prions. My goal is to take all the knowledge that Lake Forest College offers and conquer the neurodegenerative diseases that are taking away more and more lives, where my specialization will be Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Sara Murillo ’16
    Elmhurst, IL

    Neuroscience major

    I chose a neuroscience because during high school we had a small chapter in neuroscience. It was the first chapter in my high school biology book that intrigued me, and fascinated me enough to want to read more about the brain. After I read the chapter in the book I downloaded neuroscience podcast. Although I couldn’t understand the vocabulary at the time, it was still interesting to learn about the studies being conducted. Then I took the first year studies with Dr. D, Medical mysteries of the mind, which assured that I had made the right choice in majoring in neuroscience.

  • Sabrina Najibi ’18

    Neuroscience major

    I’ve been drawn to neuroscience since I was a child. Learning about the brain in 2nd grade sparked an interest in me, as I learned that humans posses the most complex organ in all of life. I’ve grown up with an autistic brother, a challenge that has taught me a lot in life, and still is. His condition also drew me to neuroscience, as I wanted to study the complexities of the brain and the diseases associated with it. Studying neuroscience will give me diversity in my academic career will prepare me well for my dream in becoming a doctor.

  • Peter Nesper ’15
    Eagle River, Wisconsin

    Chemistry major
    Neuroscience minor

    “Neuroscience has always been appealing to me. Throughout my childhood, everything I heard or read about the brain seemed captivating and usually sent me off on a tangent thinking about all the brain’s pathways, functions, and how it does such amazing things. Very shortly after arriving at Lake Forest College, I realized this was a field of study I really wanted to be a part of. Since my first course in Neuroscience, I had a strong inclination to keep learning more about the brain and all it encompasses. Lake Forest College is the perfect place to do that with an incredible team of professors always willing to help and a group of dedicated students with a curiosity that is contagious. Lake Forest College offers a unique, close-knit environment I feel very lucky to be a part of.”

  • Emily Ong ’17
    Lincolnwood, IL

    Neuroscience major

    I originally wanted to major in Psychology because I was interested in learning why people behave in the way they do. However, I decided to major in Neuroscience instead because it could provide answers on a molecular level. I like the Neuroscience major most because it combines my favorite subjects: psychology, a social science, and biology, a natural science. The interdisciplinary nature and challenging curriculum of this major will prepare me well for my future plans to attend medical school because becoming a physician means having a deep understanding of many rigorous subjects before applying them successfully in daily practice. 


  • Ruby Ortiz ’16
    Round Lake, IL

    Biology major
    Neuroscience minor

    I became very interested in neuroscience when I was taking a laboratory course in molecular biology, I was struck by the molecular basis of the proteins alteration in the brain can lead to cognitive impairments. The neuroscience program at Lake Forest College stands out from any other institution because the opportunities to hear from scientific research in the field presented in the lecture halls by well-known neuroscientist. I hope to further expand my knowledge of the brain’s molecular function in understanding the principles that underlie the biological phenomena in proteins in order to ameliorate brain disease. 

  • Agnieszka Pastwa ’18
    Chicago, IL

    Neuroscience major

    Coming into college, I knew I wanted to go into the sciences. The question became, “What science do I focus on?” After taking the First Year Studies course Medical Mysteries of the Mind, I knew Neuroscience fascinated me to great lengths. After long deliberation and delving into the possibilities that Neuroscience offers in the future, I realized that research in Neuroscience was a very intriguing route to take in my eyes. I can now say that I am more than excited to continue this journey with my Neuroscience major and surpass all obstacles. 

  • Michael Penn ’17
    Lindenhurst, IL

    Biology major
    Neuroscience and Business minors 

    I’ve always been fascinated by human behavior,  but neuroscience in particular is extremely exciting, as new discoveries are the norm; knowledge gained from these advances can be applied to my major, Biology, as well as my second minor, Business. Understanding the biochemical basis of decision making and of irrational choice is of paramount importance in today’s world, especially as it relates to practical problems like with vaccine deniers. The Neuroscience program at Lake Forest College is of extremely high academic quality, and its unique combination of compassionate professors and academic rigor will prepare me well for graduate school and beyond.

  • Crystal Ramirez ’14
    Waukegan, Illinois

    Neuroscience and Psychology major

    I chose neuroscience because I’ve always been interested in neurological disorders such as epilepsy and the mysteries behind them. One of the greatest experiences that I’ve had at Lake Forest College is doing research with Professor Glassman my junior year. We studied how restraining self-control might affect a person’s ability to choose risky decisions by examining participants’ brainwaves. Another great experience that I’ve had thanks to the neuroscience department was being able to attend a Society for Neuroscience conference. It was fascinating to be able to learn from my peers who were presenting their research and from other noteworthy researchers. My next step is to attend graduate school in order to fulfill my ultimate goal of becoming a clinical psychologist for children and adolescents.

  • Ashley Reich ’13
    Huntsville, Arkansas

    Neuroscience and Biology major

  • Saul Bello Rojas ’16
    Atlanta, Georgia

    Neuroscience major

    Neuroscience interested me after receiving a concussion during my high school freshmen baseball season. During my initial visits to the neurologist, I found his knowledge of the brain fascinating, so I further researched the human brain: anatomy, physiology, and diseases during my spare time. Eventually, I gained a love for the science, and now, I hope to further increase my understanding of the brain and become a neurologist. Ultimately, I hope to use my knowledge of the brain to reduce the number of concussions received during athletic events and prevent athletes from obtaining these life-altering brain injuries.

  • Alexandra Roman ’16

    Mundelein, IL

    Neuroscience major
    Music and Chemistry minors

    I study neuroscience because the human brain is a large mystery that scientists continue to unravel. I find it remarkable that our neural circuitry can manifest in extremely complex behaviors. I’m also equally saddened and awed at how devastating the consequences of dysfunction in the nervous system can be for patients and their loved ones. I think my favorite part about the field is how interdisciplinary it is. I’ve been able to take classes on the philosophy, psychology, and biology of the mind, and tackle different perspectives on what makes the brain so special. Neuroscience has allowed me to take advantage of the liberal arts at Lake Forest College, and the training I’ve received through this program will serve me onwards as I pursue my medical degree and embark in the field of medicine. 

  • Jennifer Salgado-Benz ’16
    Elk Grove, IL

    Neuroscience major

    My interest in Neuroscience sparked when I took AP Psychology in high school. Despite learning a variety of topics, such as development, memory, and social interaction, it was the neuroscience aspect of psychology that intrigued me the most. The ability of neurons to communicate with one another and to transmit a signal that results in a particular behavior fascinated me. Learning that Lake Forest College offered a neuroscience program, that involved intense courses and many presentations, encouraged me to follow my passion and major in Neuroscience. With the knowledge and skills that I will gain from the Neuroscience program, I am confident that I will be prepared for graduate school to become a physician assistant. 

  • Hannah Samberg ’16
    Glenview, Illinois

    Neuroscience and Asian Studies major

  • Danny Sanchez ’11
    Waukegan, Illinois

    Biology major
    Neuroscience minor

    I am studying the connections between brain, mind, and behavior because I am interested in understanding how the developmental biology of the brain processes. I find how we compute information and perceive it fascinating. My career plan is to get into a promising masters program, which will help me in further schooling and pursuing a career in medicine. What I most enjoy about studying at Lake Forest College is the close association with professors and how they are here to make this college experience more memorable.

  • Kayla Sarkis ’14
    Racine, Wisconsin

    Neuroscience and Psychology major
    Music minor 

    Neuroscience has always been my interest and passion. Since I’ve always been fascinated with how the brain works and how it affects behavior, I know neuroscience was the right major for me. It has challenged and pushed me beyond my limits, both academically and personally. Through the neuroscience program, I have had a couple of unique opportunities conducting research in a laboratory setting. By conducting experiments in my studies, I was able to use relevant data and research to aid me in a thesis as well as prepare me for further research in my graduate studies. This experience has reassured my dreams of investigating and conducting behavioral cognitive research in the future as a full time career.

  • Peyton Schrag ’17

    Biology major
    Neuroscience minor

    Since science has been my subject of interest for quite some years, I have had opportunities do some exploring.  Along with my fascination with the rest of the human body, I also became interested in how the most important part, the brain, plays a role in all of this.  I decided to make neuroscience my minor so that I would be able to understand the ways that are bodies are ultimately regulated.  I think that this knowledge will allow me to understand the science that I learn as a collective whole, rather than individual parts.

  • Madhavi Senagolage ’12
    Colombo, Sri Lanka

    Biology major
    Chemistry and Neuroscience minor

    I’m studying the connections of brain, mind and behavior because of its interdisciplinary nature of connecting areas such as biology, chemistry and psychology together, all which I find equally interesting and intriguing. Even though I’ve not exactly determined what area of study, my future goal is to enter the field of medical research. What I most enjoy about Lake Forest College is its excellent science faculty, who are always willing and available to help students.

  • Luke Shylanski ’18

    Neuroscience major

    Originally, I planned on majoring in biology. After taking Medical Mysteries of the Mind for my First Year Studies course, however, my interest in neuroscience was kindled. The human mind is one of the greatest mysteries in science, and studying it is a unique and exciting opportunity. Understanding the brain will give us insight into how we think and act, and help fight illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease. After graduating, I intend to go on to medical school. I believe that an in-depth understanding of neuroscience will help me succeed in a career in medicine.

  • Anneliese Szutenbach ’12
    Chicago, Illinois

    Biology major
    Chemistry and Neuroscience minor

    I am currently enrolled in pharmacy school at Midwestern University. My education at Lake Forest College prepared me with a solid foundation to continue my academic career. My neuroscience minor has already proved to be beneficial in the classroom at pharmacy school. In addition, it provided me with professional opportunities such as attending national neuroscience conferences and giving symposium presentations. I have no doubt that my professors and my experiences at Lake Forest College have led me to where I am today, and for that I am extremely grateful.

  • Chaya Tabas ’16
    Chicago, Illinois

    Neuroscience major

    The brain controls many aspects of our daily lives and allows us to perceive what happens around us and interpret what it means. We are able to learn, remember, and speak because of this amazing structure. Being able to study neuroscience at Lake Forest College allows me to get a glimpse into the impressive functions and power of one of our vital organs. Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary field that allows me to combine many of my interests into one area of study, in addition to being good preparation for my future

  • Zoe Talman ’17
    Highland Park, IL

    Neuroscience major

    As a child, my first introduction to neuroscience was through a book of optical illusions. I marveled at how the brain could be fooled and manipulated, and so began my fascination with neuroscience. At Lake Forest College, I seized the opportunity to major in this fascinating subject. Neuroscience is one of the most exciting fields of scientific research, and I look forward to participating in it. I believe that exploring the brain and its complexities is the next step in understanding what makes us human. My goal is to attend graduate school to pursue a career in neuroscience research.

  • Milagros Tejada Condemayta ’15
    Lima, Peru

    Neuroscience and Psychology major

    The structure and function of the brain and nervous system have always been perplexing topics to me, as a science oriented student. Such inquiries were aroused as a consequence of an accident involving a close family member. The accident affected a part of her nervous system and, interestingly enough, her behavior. Since then, I have wondered how much is known about the connection between cognitive thought processes, physical behavior, emotional expressions, and the physiology of our bodies. It was neuroscience that gave me a new perspective on this issue through empirical research, as well as a challenge to understand the complexities and impairments of the brain. For all I have learned so far, I am sure that my future career will be built on my four years at Lake Forest College as a Neuroscience and Psychology double major.

  • Maiwase Tembo ’15

    Nairobi, Kenya

    Neuroscience and Biology majors

  • Rosemary Thomas ’18
    Des Plaines, IL

    Neuroscience and Biology major

    I was first attracted to the neuroscience major because I found the complexity and endless mysteries attributed to the brain to be fascinating. I love connecting my mental and physical well-being to the biological components of the brain. I find it amazing that my brain allows me to have control over all of my day-to-day decisions. I want to learn more about how the brain performs normally and when damaged so that I can use this knowledge to help others in the future. My goal is to attend medical school and become a physician in the future.


  • Mira Trebilcock ’12

    South Porcupine, Ontario Canada

    Psychology major
    Neuroscience minor

    I have chosen to pursue a minor in neuroscience because I find the connection associating brain, mind and behavior to be complex and fascinating. The miniscule structures within our brains are accomplishing numerous tasks every second without us even recognizing what is happening. I hope to one day become a sports psychologist and use my background in neuroscience as a means of understanding why the brain reacts and causes us to behave in certain ways. The knowledgeable professors and eager students within the department provide a great atmosphere to increase understanding and further explore the brain.

  • Michael Tseitlin ’18
    Northbrook, IL

    Neuroscience and music majors

    The decision to study neuroscience came to me very abruptly in highschool after I took a “brain studies” class. After taking the class I instantaneously fell in love with the material. As a musician in highschool I wanted to learn how music could affect the brain and studying. Neuroscience was the way to go about that. In the future I plan to do research on how music affects the brain and how music therapy can be a growing medicine. I love how at Lake Forest I can combine my love for neuroscience and my love for music.


  • Lily Veldran ’17
    Madison, Wisconsin

    Neuroscience major
    Music minor

    I knew from a young age that I wanted to go into science. After exploring biology and chemistry I thought it might be cool to do something in these fields. When I started looking at colleges, I stumbled upon neuroscience. I started to think, I could combine all the science fields I love and study something remarkable, the brain. I am studying neuroscience because I want to not only learn more about the brain, but unlock its potential and secrets. After graduating, I hope to go to graduate school, pursue a Doctorate in Neuroscience, and go into research.


  • Mohini Verma ’18
    Mundelein, Illinois

    Neuroscience major

    The field of Neuroscience is never static, but rather dynamic - if there is change, the community shifts their knowledge to understand and apply that new concept to their teachings. That’s what makes this major so interesting and engrossing. We are always learning about new advancements in neuroscience and talking about how they could affect our futures. The neuroscience curriculum at Lake Forest College is also very diverse, in that a great majority of the students are doing a double major or minor in something other than science. That being said, I feel that the projects, in-class discussions, and all-school events are all-encompassing. I chose to become a neuroscience major because it is a major for those that have an interest in almost everything - behaviors, biology, ethics, psychology, etc. The community really makes you feel welcome and the professors are always ready to answer a question or attend to a student. With the relationships and knowledge I will gain from this major, I know I will be able to reach my fullest potential.

  • Johnathan Vinkavich ’15
    New Lenox, Illinois

    Neuroscience and Biology major

    I have always been interested in how the brain works and wanted to learn more. When I discovered that Lake Forest College had a neuroscience program I decided to give it a shot and found that I was definitely interested in pursuing more knowledge in the field. I was especially excited that I was given the opportunity as a freshman to use real, human brains to help further my understanding of classroom materials. I hope to use my interest in neuroscience to head towards a professional research position or medical school in the future.”

  • Natalie Zemela ’15
    Northbrook, Illinois

    Neuroscience and Biology majors

    One of the many opportunities that Lake Forest College provided for me is a spectacular neuroscience program that many schools do not offer. This program is interdisciplinary and challenging, however, it has allowed me to grow intellectually and more confident in the field of neuroscience. I will use the skills that I have learned over the past three years to become successful in my pursuit of medicine.  

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