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Latin American Studies

Pura vida! Students conduct field research in Costa Rica.Pura vida! Students conduct field research in Costa Rica.

  • The Chicago Latino Film Festival, the largest U.S. film festival with a focus on Latin America and Latinos, features over 100 films in a variety of languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, and English. For several years, Lake Forest College has been a partner venue, working with the Latino Cultural Center of Chicago to bring their films to Chicago’s North Shore.

Encompassing Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Hispanic Caribbean, Latin America has grown enormously in economic and cultural importance to the United States. Immigration, trade, travel, literary production, and popular culture—these are just a few of the ways in which Latin America is affecting the lives of Americans and just a few of the things our students and faculty are studying.

Many of our Latin American Studies students participate in the Border Studies Program, or take advantage of study abroad programs in Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Colombia, Peru, and Uruguay.

Department News

  • Students from SPAN 260, 336, & 365
    Professor Gizella Meneses took her Span 260, 336 and 365 to the 3rd Chicago International Theater Festival to see the play, “The Delicate Tears of the Waning Moon.”
  • Jennifer Valdes Del Valle

    The McGaw Scholarships are awarded annually to assist one junior and one senior with their tuition costs. Selected McGaw scholars have demonstrated superior leadership abilities and academic excellence. 
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