Department of Economics and Business

  • Over three billion people around the world live on $2 or less a day. This spring, Professor Les Dlabay organized the Forgotten Majority Business Conference on campus to help students learn more about global poverty. Featuring speakers from organizations who work on worldwide issues of poverty, the conference helped students get involved to help this forgotten majority living in poverty around the world.

The Department of Economics and Business offers majors and minors in economics, business, and finance. 


Lake Forest is one of only a few liberal arts colleges to offer a finance major. It prepares students for a career in investment analysis and trading, investment banking, and finance. The business major is structured to provide an overview of various business operations (accounting, finance, and marketing), with an emphasis on the economic environment of business and on analytical and communication skills.The major in economics is a strong, traditional program with a reputation for rigor, depth, and breadth. Students in all three majors frequently take advantage of local, national, and international internship opportunities. The College’s In the Loop Program allows students the opportunity to live in the city of Chicago while taking two classes and completing a two-credit internship.

In today’s globalized economy, most majors in the department broaden their studies by taking a foreign language (courses like Business Spanish and French for International Affairs are particularly recommended), studying off campus through an internship or a College-supported program (e.g. Beijing, Border Studies, Granada, Greece, Paris, New Zealand and ACM programs), or double-majoring in mathematics, computer science, international relations, politics, or psychology.

Our graduates have taken their strong preparation to careers at the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Morgan Stanley, as well as graduate programs at Northwestern, University of Chicago, and Harvard, among many others.


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