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  • Studying art or art history at Lake Forest College will prepare you for a wide-range of tomorrow’s careers. Artists are creative by design, and whether you study art making, or the vital role of art in history, you are training yourself in unique ways of thinking, resourceful research methods, and critical writing skills.

At Lake Forest College you will create and analyze art through thoughtful study of history, aesthetics and other areas of the humanities along with your practice in technique and media. Creativity is an asset for job seekers.Creative thinking is one of the top three most important characteristics of top-qualified job candidates, according to a recent survey. Those trained in art and art history have the ability to express distinctive perspectives and make creative decisions.

Today’s businesses are looking for job candidates that distinguish themselves to employers as “one-of-a-kind.” The best employees are flexible and resourceful. Art and art history majors are particularly in tune with the flow of ideas in contemporary culture. Along with critical observational skills and the ability to evaluate visual information, these capably trained young adults translate these trends for others using creative materials and methods. Now more than ever, art and art history majors are poised to step into many roles in the work world.

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Thursday, February 5

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    In conjunction with the Lake Forest College/Chicago Humanities Festival collaberation “Interzone: A William S. Burroughs Birthday Bash” this exhibit presents video, sculpture and paintings.
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    Using a broad range of media including drawing, photography, electronics, software development, sound experimentation and industrial design, Abreu explores the accuracy and capacity of science and technology in the context of art. His work produces unusual situations linked to physical, social and political phenomena, including-sound recordings of historic anthems, political speeches on ice, dead birds that continue to be suspended in air by magnetic levitation, and collaboration and balance dynamics at the border between Ciudad Juárez, Mexico and El Paso,Texas using an instrument or carpenter’s level. 

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