Majors and Minors

Students can choose among a wide variety of majors and minors in the natural sciences, social sciences, and the humanities.

We also offer degrees in areas such as Islamic World Studies, Environmental Studies, and Latin American Studies, where students combine coursework across disciplines. High achieving students with a unique passion can apply to become Independent Scholars and design their own majors, culminating in a thesis or creative project.  

Our accelerated programs in law, communication, nursing, engineering, and international relations offer highly motivated students a way to finish their degree in only three years instead of the usual four, or to complete their bachelor’s while enrolled in a graduate degree at a partner university.

Departments and Areas of Study:

All students leave Lake Forest having delved into a broad range of ideas; developed real competence in writing, speaking, and quantitative skills; learned how to gather, access, and present data, and gained insight into many areas of study.