Off-Campus Programs

  • Participating in off-campus study can be a life-changing experience. You might spend a semester studying art in Italy, interning at the National Assembly in Paris, working with a government official in Washington, DC, or exploring the Greek Islands.

    We believe deeply in the value of off-campus study, and many students pursue these experiences, especially during their junior or senior years. Such study may be abroad or through one of our approved domestic programs in Chicago or Washington, DC. Lake Forest College offers all of these opportunities and many more for students wishing to spend some of their time off campus.

    The College is mindful of the benefits gained not only by students who study off campus but also by the larger campus community upon their return. Sharing their experiences with others, in and out of the classroom, these returning students contribute to our community’s understanding of global issues and enrich our campus life.

    Students may participate for credit in a total of two semester-long programs. These programs may be sponsored by Lake Forest College, by the ACM (Associated Colleges of the Midwest), or by another approved program provider. The only exceptions to this two-semester limitation are the following:

    • The Lake Forest In the Loop Program is not included in this limitation. Students may go on two semester-long off-campus programs and still remain eligible to participate in Lake Forest In the Loop.
    • If a student has a truly compelling reason to study off campus for a third semester in a program other than Lake Forest College In the Loop, the student may petition the Academic Appeals Board (AAB) for permission. The College does not favor such petitions, however, and the AAB will very rarely approve one. More information is available from the Director of Off-Campus Programs.

    Please review the “Financial Aid” section for information about transferability of financial aid.

 Charlie Goldman ’12 talks about traveling on the AsiaLearn program