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Larry Klein

Lecturer in Chemistry


Organic synthesis
Medicinal chemistry
Natural product chemistry 


Organic synthesis
Ice Hockey


Harvard Research Fellow, 1980-1982
PhD Michigan State University, 1980
BS  Illinois Institute of Technology, 1975

Courses Taught

General Chemistry Laboratory 115
General Chemistry Laboratory 116
Organic Chemistry Laboratory 220  
Organic Chemistry Laboratory 221

Awards and Honors

NIH R21 Grant: Novel Indigoid Anti-Tuberculosis Agents; $438,360.00, September 2011; at UIC College of Pharmacy.

Abbott Chairman’s Award,  1993, 2000

Ernest W. Volwiler Society, Research Fellow, Abbott Labs 1999

Ernest W. Volwiler Society, Associate Research Fellow, Abbott Labs 1991

Selected Publications

Larry L. Klein, Valentina Petukhova, Baojie Wan, Yuehong Wang, Bernard D. Santasiero, David C. Lankin, Guido F.Pauli, Scott G. Franzblau, A Novel Indigoid Anti-tuberculosis Agent, Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 24 (1), 268-270 (2014); at UIC College of Pharmacy 

Larry L. Klein, Michael D. Tufano, Synthesis of Substituted Isatins, Tet. Letters, 54(8), 1008-1011 (2013); at UIC College of Pharmacy

Larry L. Klein, Valentina Petukhova, Synthesis of Tri-functional Bis-azide Photoaffinity Probe, Syn. Com., 43(16), 2242-2245 (2013); at UIC College of Pharmacy

DeGoey, David A.; Grampovnik, David; Chen, Hui-Ju; Flosi, William; Klein, Larry L; Dekhtyar, Tatyana; Stoll, Vincent; Mamo, Mulugeta; Molla, Akhter; Kempf, Dale. . P1-Substituted Symmetry-Based Human Immunodeficiency Virus Protease Inhibitors with Potent Antiviral Activity against Drug-Resistant Viruses, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry , 54 (20)7094-7104 (2011); at Abbott Labs.

Larry L. Klein; J. T. Randolph, “Non-HIV antiviral agents”, Annual Reports in Medicinal Chemistry   36 119-128 (2001); at Abbott Labs.