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Cristina Viviana Groeger

Cristina Groeger, Assistant Professor of History

Assistant Professor of History


U.S. History
Labor and Class Politics
History of Education
Immigration and Migration
Women and Gender Studies
Urban Studies


PhD in History, Harvard University
MPhil in Political Thought, University of Cambridge
BA in Social Studies, Harvard University

Courses Taught

History 201:  Modern American
History 235:  American Cities
History 239:  History of Education in American Society
History 228:  Inequality and Reform, U.S. 1865-1920
History 312:  Immigration in U.S. History
Urban Studies 110:  Introduction to Urban Studies

Selected Publications

Paths to Work: Credentialing Inequality in the United States (book manuscript in preparation)

“A ‘Good Mixer’: University Placement in Corporate America,” History of Education Quarterly 58:1 (February 2018): 33-64

“The Long History of Segregation and Desegregation in the Urban South,” Journal of Urban History 44:4 (July 2018):  775-781

“Introduction: Learning Democracy in the New Gilded Age” in “John Dewey’s Democracy and Education at 100,” ed. Cristina Groeger, Special Issue, Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era 16:4 (October 2017)

“Radicalism and Conservatism,” in A Companion to the Gilded Age and Progressive Era: The Making of Modern America, eds. Christopher Nichols and Nancy Unger (Hoboken, NJ: Wiley Blackwell, 2017), pp. 362-378

Review of Funding the Rise of Mass Schooling:  The Social, Economic and Cultural History of School Finance in Sweden, 1840-1900, by Johannes Westberg, History of Education Quarterly 58:2 (May 2018):  310-313.

Review of Those Good Gertrudes: A Social History of Women Teachers in America, by Geraldine Clifford.” The New England Quarterly 88:4 (December 2015): 727-729

People’s History Walking Tour of Boston. Labor Resource Center, University of Massachusetts Boston, Boston, MA 2017. https://peopleshistoryboston.wordpress.com/

Boston Research Map:  Demography and Class, Work and Education in Boston, 1880-1930.  Boston Area Research Initiative (BARI) and Harvard Center for Geographic Analysis, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, 2015. http://worldmap.harvard.edu/maps/historical_boston.

Papers Presented

April 2019 “Immigration Policy and the Politics of Household Labor in the 20th-Century,” Organization of American Historians Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA

November 2018 “Voting with their Feet:  Student and Family Perspective on Vocational Education” History of Education Society Annual Meeting, Albuquerque, NM.

February 2018 “Schools, Skills, and the Origins of American Social Inequality,” presented at the Newberry Seminar in Labor History, Newberry Library, Chicago, IL.

February 2018 “Urban Schools, Ethnicity, and the Mobility Ladder,” Urban History Seminar of the Chicago History Museum, Chicago, IL

January 2018 “The Science of Care: The Domestic Worker Labor Market and the Limits of Reform in Boston, 1880-1940” American Historical Association Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C.

June 2017 “Domestic Service and Domestic Science in Progressive-Era Boston,” presented at the Berkshire Conference on the History of Women, Gender and Sexualities, Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY.

April 2017 “Servants and Schools: Educational Policy as Labor Policy in Progressive Era Boston,” Organization of American Historians Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA

January 2017 “Learning a Trade: The Politics of Industrial Training in Boston, 1880-1940,” American Historical Association Annual Meeting, Denver, CO

November 2016 “The Female Labor Market and the Rise of Secondary Education in Boston,” Social Science History Association Conference, Chicago, IL

October 2016 “Becoming White Collar: Class, Gender, and Education in Boston, 1880-1930,” Urban History Association Conference, Chicago, IL

January 2016 “Laborers, Servants, and Schools:  Aspirations of Mobility and the Reproduction of Inequality in Boston, 1880-1940,” presentation sponsored by the Immigration and Urban History Seminar, Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston, MA

November 2015 “Worlds of Work in Late Nineteenth Century Boston,” Social Science History Association Conference, Baltimore, MD

October 2014 “The Science of Business:  Training for White-Collar Work in Boston, 1868-1930,” Society for United States Intellectual History Conference, Indianapolis, IN October 10

November 2013: “Hierarchies of Knowledge: The Changing Educational Landscape of Boston,” Society for United States Intellectual History Conference, UC Irvine, Irvine, CA November 2

Awards and Honors

2017 Henry Barnard Prize for Best Graduate Student Article, History of Education Society

2015-2016 National Academy of Education/Spencer Foundation Dissertation Fellowship

2015-2016 Charles Warren Center Dissertation Research Grant, Harvard University (declined)

2015 Flaherty Visiting Fellowship, University of Massachusetts Boston

2015 Taubman Center Urban Dissertation Fellowship, Harvard Kennedy School of Government

2014 New England Regional Fellowship Consortium Grant

2014 Boston Area Research Initiative Research Seed Grant

2008 Lillian Bell Prize for Senior Thesis, History Department, Harvard University