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Jessica Berger

Lecturer, English 


Master of Arts, English, Program for Writers
     University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL. 2010
Bachelor of Arts, English, Studio Art
Lake Forest College, Lake Forest, IL. 2007
     Gail DeHerder Memorial Prize in Creative Writing, 2007
     Richter Scholar, 2004-2005
     Deerpath Scholarship in Writing, 2003

Selected Publications

“Final Girl” Fiction. Occulum (November, 2017) Online.

“Bradley” Fiction. Barrelhouse Halloween Edition (October, 2017) Online.

“Trophy” Fiction. Cosmonauts Avenue (Forthcoming, 2017). Online.

“King Kylie” Fiction. Ninth Letter (Summer, 2017). Online.

“Mouth/Sparrow/Mouth/Hands” Fiction. FANZINE (Summer, 2017). Online.

“Nautilus” Fiction. Crab Fat Magazine (Forthcoming: May, 2017). Online.

“Kept” Fiction. Shirley Magazine, Issue Seven (April, 2017). Online.

“Sister K” Fiction. Gamut (Forthcoming, 2017). Online.

“Further Cause for Despair” Fiction. Maudlin House (January, 2017). Online.

“Attachment Theory” Fiction. The Spectacle (January, 2017). Online.

“Our Disappearance” Fiction. Moonsick Magazine, Issue Twenty (January, 2017). Online.

“Dreaming Americans; A Review of Peter LaSalle’s What I Found Out About Her” Book Review. American Book Review (2016). Print.

“Burial” Fiction. Suburban Diaspora, vol. 1 (2015). Online.

“Offering”  Fiction. Midwestern Gothic, Flash Fiction Series Finalist (2015). Online.

“The Passion of Gregory Robinson; A Review of All Movies Love the Moon”Book Review. American Book Review (2014). Print.

“Political Scandal; A Review of Kathleen Rooney’s O, Democracy!” Book Review. American Book Review (2014). Print.

“All in the Retelling; A Review of Colin Winnette’s Fondly” Book Review. American Book Review (2014). Print.

This is All Your Fault, Sigourney Weaver” Fiction. Metazen (2012). Online.

“Freedom: A Novel (I Stole That Title); A Review of Re:Telling: An Anthology of  Borrowed Premises… edited by William Walsh” Book Review. American Book Review (2012). Print.

“In Which You Should Not Judge This Book by its Cover; A Review of Debra Monroe’s Shambles” Book Review. American Book Review (2012). Print.

“Vile Bodied”  Essay. Trnsfr  (2011). Print.

“In Which We Travel Everywhere and Nowhere At All; A Review of Justin Andrews’ Concrete of Tight Places” Book Review. American Book Review (2011). Print.

“Story with Robots I-VIII”  Fiction. Pank  5 (2011). Print.

“A Matter of Degree.” Fiction.  (co-authored with Davis Schneiderman) HTMLGIANT (2010). Online.

“Teddi with an ‘I’” Fiction. The &Now Awards: The Best Innovative Writing (2009). Print

Professional Affiliations

Association of Writers and Writing Programs