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Lake Forest Faculty

Lake Forest College faculty are teachers and mentors who are singularly focused on their students’ success. As experts in their field, faculty regularly publish books and articles and conduct research with students. And they use Chicago as a living classroom.

    Gorter Professor of Islamic World Studies and Professor of Sociology Ahmad Sadri presented the talk “A Human Story of Immigration” at a local church on Sunday, February 10.
    When a local newspaper reporter was doing a story on big numbers, she turned to Associate Professor of Math Enrique Treviño for answers.
  • Chloe Johnston (left) and Coya Paz Brownrigg
    Kelly Leonard ’88 interviewed Associate Professor of Theater Chloe Johnston and Coya Paz Brownrigg on WGN-Radio about their new book Ensemble-Made Chicago, which looks at the unique way that Chicago theater artists develop original content in a collaboration with their fellow artists and audiences.
  • Rebecca Graff
    Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Chair of the American Studies Program Rebecca Graff is featured in the January 2019 issue of Chicago magazine.
  • Jacquelynn Popp
    An article on teaching historical literacy strategies that Assistant Professor of Education Jacquelynn Popp co-wrote with a colleague was published in The Reading Teacher.
    The new book Associate Professor of Theater and Performance Studies Chloe Johnston co-wrote with a colleague at DePaul University was featured in the Chicago Reader.
  • Ben Zeller
    Associate Professor of Religion Ben Zeller was featured recently on Interfaith Voices about the connections between food, culture, and religion, and in Vox on the idolization of CEOs. 
    Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Chair of the American Studies Program Rebecca Graff is quoted in Atlas Obscura’s article on Chicago’s legendary Mecca Flats apartment complex, which was uncovered during an archaeological dig in summer 2018.
  • Carla Arnell
    Associate Professor and Chair of English Carla Arnell will see a new article published in The Hopkins Quarterly
  • An interview with David Sanchez Burr (left) was included in a PBS NewsHour report on the 2018 Fermentation Fest ...
    Assistant Professor of Art David Sanchez Burr was interviewed by Jeffrey Brown of PBS NewsHour about his art installation, nowhereradio, set up in a Wisconsin field as part of Fermentation Fest.