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Lake Forest Faculty

Lake Forest College faculty are teachers and mentors who are singularly focused on their students’ success. As experts in their field, faculty regularly publish books and articles and conduct research with students. And they use Chicago as a living classroom.

  • underhill
    Associate Professor of English and Chair of English Carla Arnell recently had a new article accepted for publication: “Work for the Spirit: Medievalism, the Arts and Crafts Movement, and the Development of a Practical Spirituality in Evelyn Underhill’s Novel The Gray World.”
  • Scott Edgar 
    Assistant Professor of Music and Chair of Music Education Scott Edgar recently published his first book: Music Education and Social Emotional Learning: The Heart of Teaching Music.
  • During September and October, three Chicago Fellows faculty reveal how Chicago’s past architectural stories are being shared through the medium of today’s technology.
  • Joseph Bortolotti ’17 (left) gloats over his hippocampal dissection during Behavioral Neuroscience laboratory with Assis...

    Assistant Professor of Psychology Jean-Marie Maddux didn’t quite know what to expect when she started teaching at Lake Forest College in spring 2016.

  • Robert Archambeau
    Professor of English Robert Archambeau spent the summer break speaking and writing about poetry, resulting in multiple publications.
  • Joshua Corey
    Associate Professor of English Joshua Corey has had both a collection of critical essays and a work of poetry accepted for publication.
  • Professor of Economics and Business Robert Baade’s research on the cost of hosting the Olympic Games was cited in a story in the Independent Women’s Forum.
  • Associate Professor of English Benjamin Goluboff recently mediated a book talk on The Peregrine Returns: The Art and Architecture of Urban Raptor Recovery, which was written and illustrated by two Field Museum employees.
  • New faculty members joining Lake Forest College in the 2017–18 academic year include:
  • Associate Professor of Theater Richard Pettengill reminisces about his time at Woodstock and encourages acts of patriotism in a Chicago Sun-Times op-ed.