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Student Life

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Virtual Engagement

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Are you looking for something to do while you’re not on campus, or looking for ways to stay connected with your fellow Foresters? We’ve got you covered!

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Foresters For Change
Foresters for Change is a student-led fundraising effort that is being organized by members of fraternities, sororities and student organizations for the purpose of raising funds to support positive change for social issues. All individuals wishing to donate to Foresters for Change can do it here.


Congratulations to the 2020 Spring Leadership Award recipients. Click below to watch the Virtual Ceremony!

Here’s a list of things that you can do to stay healthy, active, and connected, wherever you are!

Healthy Living

Practice healthy habits and engage in self-care throughout the week.

Mindfulness and Well-Being
Work on Your Fitness
Free Apps

Fun Things to Do

There are many ways to have fun and stay connected. Access free streaming options, online games, and more!

Watch Something
Learn Something New
Paint and Be Crafty
Play with Friends

Challenge your friends or enjoy by yourself!

Connect and Grow

Access helpful resources for remote learning, club and organization management, and career services.

Remote Learning Resources
Resources for Clubs and Orgs
  • Continue leading your organization using features in my.involvement.
  • How to host online elections in my.involvement.
  • How to store documents in your organization’s my involvement page.
  • How to create  forms  in my.involvement to collect information.
  • Host online meetings using Zoom.
  • Don’t forget to consider different time zones when scheduling meetings 
  • Download a fun Lake Forest College Zoom Background
  • The Gates Center is available to help! Schedule a meeting with Aldo, Pat, or Jen!
Career Resources
NEW! - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Resources


Engage with Chicago, as well as cities all over the world, in creative and meaningful ways, and keep fresh in your mind the sites and activities that you love most.


Experience the best museums from around the world!

Cool Cities, Places, and Beyond
Animal Cams

From penguins and polar bears, to pandas and koalas, here is a list of live camera feeds from around the world.

Come back regularly for updates!

Do you have technology needs? Contact the IT HelpDesk at ithelp@mx.lakeforest.edu.