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Student Life

Achieve Your Goals

Lake Forest students set and achieve lofty goals. And the College is here to support them every step of the way. 


Lake Forest College students will, as a part of their co-curricular experiences, display innovation, initiative, and courage in the active and intentional pursuit of their personal and professional goals, utilizing the full capacity of their talents and strengths, while highlighting their unique voice and vision, within the immediate, societal, and global community.

Learning Outcomes
  • Understand, appreciate and articulate examples of personal success;
  • Recognize their primary academic, career, and personal interests and how those interests relate to occupational fields;
  • Develop an awareness of their personality, strengths, and values and how they impact long-term decision-making;
  • Identify experiential learning opportunities that will help augment necessary skills and qualities and articulate the benefit of those experiences; and
  • Demonstrate persistence, curiosity, flexibility, and optimistic risk-taking in their college planning and identify post-graduate priorities to create effective strategies for reaching long-term personal and professional goals.