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Participation in the Lake Forest College Intramural Program is completely voluntary. Each participant must be aware that all intramural activities intrinsically involve risk of physical injury and by taking part acknowledge and assume the risk inherent therein. Lake Forest College is not liable for injuries suffered by participants during scheduled contests. Lake Forest College seeks to provide a safe environment for recreational pursuits, but does not provide the same standard of care as the intercollegiate athletic program. Athletic trainers will not be present during intramural games. If any injury does occur during a scheduled event the Intramural Staff will follow the Intramural Emergency Action Plan. There will be medical kits available at events for minor injuries: cuts, scraps, etc. All participants are urged to obtain a physical examination before participating in any of the intramural sport activities. Each participant is responsible for knowing his or her own physical limitations.


2014-2015 Intramural Schedule

Fall Season (September 15 - November 6)              

One-Day Events
Registration Due
Red & Black 5K Mon 9/15 4:30pm Mon 9/15
Tennis  Sun 9/28 10:00am Sun 9/28
Flag Football Sun 9/28 1:00pm Sun 9/28
Kickball Sun 10/12 1:00pm Sun 10/12
Badminton Sun 11/2 2:30pm Sun 11/2
Table Tennis Weekly Matches Tue 9/16 Mon 9/15
Indoor Soccer Thu 4:30-7:30 Thu 9/18 Mon 9/15

Winter Season (November 11 - March 5)

One-Day Events
Registration Due
Bag Toss Thu 12/11 10:00pm Thu 12/11
Racquetball (M/W) Sun 2/22 1:00pm Sun 2/22
Indoor Soccer Tue/Thu 4-8pm Tue 11/18 Wed 11/12
Ice Hockey Sun 9-10pm Sun 11/16 Wed 11/12
Basketball Tue/Thu 7-10pm Tue 12/2 Wed 11/19
Quads Volleyball Thu 4-8pm Thu 1/22 Wed 1/14

Spring Season (March 16 - April 24)

One-Day Events
Registration Due
3v3 Basketball Sun 3/21 1:00pm Sat 3/20
Tennis Sun 4/12 10:00am Sat 4/11
Ry’s Run 5K Tue 4/14 5:00pm Tue 4/14
Bag Toss Wed 4/15 7:00pm Tue 4/14
Indoor Soccer Tournament Fri 4/24 5:00pm Thu 4/23
Badminton Mon/Wed 4:30-7:30pm Mon 3/16 Fri 3/13
Volleyball Mon/Wed 7-10pm Tue 3/23 Fri 3/20

  Competitive Format

  • All Events/Leagues are Coed, unless specified otherwise.

  • The number of teams or participants will determine league formats.  Every attempt will be made to provide separate competition and championships for each division of play. 

  • Sports may be cancelled if there is insufficient interest or unforeseen circumstances arise.

  • If there is sufficient interest to provide sub-categories in a division of play in a particular sport every attempt will be made to do so.  

  • A championship tournament will be played if schedule permits, participation level warrants, and sport is conducive to tournament format.

*Events are subject to change