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Student Life

Mohr Student Center

Built in 2006, the Mohr Student Center is an integral part of the Forester campus community.

The Mohr Student Center (MSC) is the go-to space on campus to relax, socialize, and host programs for the Forester community. Being the College’s “living room,” the MSC features Boomer’s Café, the POD Market and the Boomer’s Den Games Room. The space contains flat-screen televisions, pool tables, a state-of-the-art gaming system, table tennis, and a cell-phone charging system.

The Mohr Student Center features the following event spaces:

  • Multipurpose Main Floor
  • Jim Kenney ’59 Lounge (Skybox)
  • Simpson Balcony
  • Outdoor Patio
You can find the revised Student Center Reservation Policy here.

From grabbing a bite to eat with a friend to attending a student organization event, the MSC is your home away from home!