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Student Life

Lincoln Academy of Illinois: Student Laureate

In 1975, the Lincoln Academy began its Student Laureate Award Program. Each year an outstanding senior from each of the four-year, degree-granting institutions of higher learning in Illinois is awarded a Medallion of Lincoln, a Certificate of Merit, and a small stipend and thereby becomes a Student Laureate. Student Laureates are chosen by the chief executive officers of their respective institutions, who also serve as Academic Trustees of The Lincoln Academy of Illinois. Student Laureates are honored for their overall excellence in curricular and co-curricular activities. 

Ayesha Quraishi ’19 was honored as a 2018 Student Lincoln Laureate by the Lincoln Academy of Illinois at the 44th annual award ceremony in Springfield.

The Lincoln Academy’s Abraham Lincoln Civic Engagement Awards are presented for excellence in curricular and extracurricular activities to seniors from four-year, degree-granting institutions of higher learning across the state. At the Student Laureate Convocation, each student received a Student Laureate Medallion, along with a $1,000 educational grant, and a certificate of achievement.

Previous Lake Forest College recipients:

2017            Jakobi McClellan

2016            Medora Sweet

2015            Ben Labaschin

2014            Akua Agyei

2013            Anali Vargas

2012            Lauren Levinson

2011            Allyson Bain

2010            Linda “Allie” Winkelman

2009            Jaime Perez           

2008            Amanda P. Gaulke           

2007            David A. Kuriniec           

2006            Alexandra M. Hales           

2005            Jessica M. Price           

2004            Andrew A. Eisen           

2003            Bianca N. Bartel           

2002            Sharon E. Milroy           

2001            Elsabeth Tedros           

2000            Clayton J. Stallbaumer           

1999            Laura M. Hilstrom           

1998            Jackie N. Robinson           

1997            David D. Allen           

1996            Kelly L. Roberts           

1995            Sarah R. Josephson           

1994            Tricia N. Lively           

1993            Alison E. Freund           

1992            Timothy T. State           

1991            Hanelle M. Culpepper           

1990            Dung Chi Chau           

1989            Jason J. Bryn           

1988            Brian W. Rieck           

1987            Jennifer S. Quinn           

1986            Avelino Cortez           

1985            Leda S. Warner           

1984            Stacy Woldt           

1983            Terence P. Sullivan           

1982            Sally M. James           

1981            Richard L. Hatton           

1980            no recipient           

1979            Laura M. Picchietti           

1978            Katherine J. Amato           

1977            no recipient           

1976            Ross B. Bricker           

1975            Clare F. Bell