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Student Life

Fraternities and Sororities

Our Greek community has played a role on campus since the early days of the College and today, fraternity and sorority membership makes up roughly 20 percent of the student population. This rich tradition offers students opportunities to develop a strong network of current  students and alumni,  to serve the local community, and to participate in leadership development.

Current Lake Forest College Chapters
Fraternities                              Sororities

Alpha Tau Omega                  Alpha Kappa Alpha

Delta Chi                                Alpha Phi

Lambda Chi Alpha                 Delta Delta Delta

Phi Beta Sigma                      Delta Gamma

                                              Gamma Phi Omega

                                              Kappa Alpha Theta


Benefits of Joining 


Members of fraternities and sororities have the opportunity to sharpen their leadership skills by filling a variety of roles within and outside of their organizations. Currently, members of Lake Forest College Student Government, Student Programming Board, Student Ambassadors, academic honor societies, varsity athletes, and many other campus groups are also members of fraternities and sororities. Not only are these students members of organizations outside their chapter, but they can hold positions within their organizations. These experiences provide chapter members with the knowledge, skills, and experience for success in post-collegiate life. 



Fraternity and sorority members take pride in their scholastic achievements. All of our chapters place emphasis on encouraging high academic achievement, as well as developing and maintaining development and support plans for each member. Each organization has a minimum grade point average members must achieve to stay in good standing with the chapter.

Spring 2017 Academic Report 

Fall 2017 Academic Report

Spring 2018 Academic Report

Fall 2018 Academic Report


Each Greek-letter organization at Lake Forest College serves the campus community and the surrounding Lake County community. Each year, chapters donate hundreds of dollars and time to local organizations and national philanthropies. 


The Lake Forest College fraternity and sorority community provides various social events that help to welcome new members and unify the Greek community. Individually, chapters host formals, retreats, and fundraising activities. Many chapters participate in campus wide traditions such as Week of Welcome, Homecoming, and Winterfest. All events strive to create a strong, unified community for all members.