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Beta Beta Beta


2013 Graduates

Athens Christian
Dume Roberta
Hampden-Smith Emily K.
Hauer Tyler M.
Hollandbeck Gaelle F.
Koirala Sajan
Kukulka Natalie A.
Pinto  Samantha
Reich Ashley A.
Sharpe David A.
Sojka Jennifer L. 
Urbanik Alexus M.
Waltos Kristen M.

2009 Graduates

Wang, Nengding
President Fall ’08 and Spring ’09

She majored in Biology and minored in Chemistry.  She has plans to attend Northwestern for a Ph.D. program in biology after graduation.  BBB helped shape her leadership skills and also helped her become more involved within the Biology Department.

Ayala, Alexandra 
Vice President Fall ’08 and Spring ’09


Fields, Nicole
Treasurer Fall ’08 and Spring ’09



Choi, Ray



Davis, Shaun 



Dean, Elizabeth


Dilmukhametova, Elina 



Dunford, Grace

She majored in Biology and Music, also pursuing a minor in French. After she graduates she will be living downtown, taking a year off to intern and volunteer before applying to graduate school for physical therapy. BBB gave her insight into all the different options and opportunities available to her as a Biology major, helping to further her connection with peers who share her common interests.


Honold, Jaymie 

She majored in History, also taking the Pre-Med track with a minor in Biology.  After graduation she will be doing research on Native Hawaiian Health at the University of Hawaii in conjunction with the Queens Medical Center in Honolulu, HI. Hopefully after this she will be accepted into a PA program somewhere in California.  BBB has allowed her to make new friends and was a fun way to bring attention to the department of biology at LFC.


Levin, Stephanne

She majored in Biology and minored in Chemistry.  After graduation, she plans to work in a veterinary clinic and apply to veterinary school over the summer.  BBB had a positive impact on her time at Lake Forest College by providing opportunities for her to learn more about the exciting field of biology while spending time with my peers and having fun.


Rodriguez, Alejandra



Schramm, Melissa 



Thilgen, Laura

She majored in Biology with minors in History and Chemistry. Her future plans include finding a job that will lead her towards a career in purchasing or procurement of pharmaceutical products. If she has a hard time finding a job in this market, she may return to school to further her education. BBB made a positive impact on her time at LFC by giving her a group of people who are interested in the same things as her. It was great because BBB is a group where everyone has similar goals and are trying to achieve great things.


Wallace, Jennillee



2008 Graduates (Regular Members only)



Kukreja, Lokesh 
President Fall ’07 and Spring ’08

He majored in biology, and plans on pursuing a Ph.D. degree in molecular cell biology at Northwestern University IGP program.  As a member of BBB, he gained both leadership and communication skills, and enjoyed the ample opportunities BBB created to share scientific knowledge with our campus community.  


Vahedi, Sina
Vice President Fall ’07 and Spring ’08

He majored in biology, and hopes to pursue a degree in medicine from an unspecified medical school. He says that BBB membership taught him leadership, patience, and persistence, and helped him forge new friendships.


Vahedi, Mithaq
Treasurer Fall ’07 and Spring ’08

He majored in biology, and will be pursuing an M.D. degree at Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  He enjoyed the diverse activities organized by BBB, including the talks, career panel and movie night.

Fiala, Jacqueline



Kusinski, Krista

She majored in biology, and hopes to pursue a nursing career at Loyola University Chicago’s Accelerated bachelors of science in nursing and ultimately a masters in nursing.  She says that she gave two BBB demos/presentations that were good experience.


Pore, Shruti

She double majored in Biology and French with a Chemistry minor and plans to attend dental school after graduation at an undecided institution. She says that it was nice interacting with fellow bio majors and minors in BBB.


Shadman, Solmaz

She majored in biology, and hopes to pursue an MD/DO/PA program somewhere in Chicago.  She says that BBB helped reinforce the importance of community service and leadership.


Valtierra, Stephanie

She majored in biology, and hopes to attend graduate school at an unspecified institution.




Bower, Margaret

She majored in biology and plans on pursuing an education master’s degree from an undecided program, and eventually hopes to become a high school/junior high science teacher.

Feng, Michael

He majored in biology, and ultimately plans to use his B.A. degree from LFC to pursue an advanced degree in medicine.  In the short-term, he hopes to gain some research experience or get a job in the sciences.  He plans on applying to medical school after taking the MCAT, and after he boosts my research and volunteering experience.  He says that he enjoyed the honor and respect of being a member of the college’s biological honors society, and association with like-minded peers.


Jahanban, Sheiva

She minored in biology, and plans on pursuing an M.D. degree from an unspecified medical school.  She says that BBB helped reinforce organizational and leadership skills, and that punctuality is very important in every situation.


MacLeod, Brittany

She majored in english, and plans to pursue an M.D. or D.O. degree at an undecided institution.  She plans to take a year off and work as an EMT while continuing to do volunteer work.  She is applying to medical schools and plan to enroll in medical school in Fall 2009.  She says that she enjoyed BBB because it allowed her to interact with fellow students who enjoy biology as much as she does.


2007 Graduates (Regular Members only)



White, Michael
President Fall ’06 and Spring ’07


Larsen, Benjamin
Vice President Fall ’06 and Spring ’07


Zorniak, Michael
Treasurer Fall ’06 and Spring ’07

image Bueter, Chelsea
image Jeziorny, Lisa
image Nisenbaum, Stella

Nikogosian, Karina