Benefits of Becoming Involved!

Leadership Opportunities:

Membership in Synapse offer students many opportunities to develop their leadership potential. Synapse provide training in the principles of leadership, as each member is actively involved in decision making processes.  Students are encouraged to utilize their their leadership talents both on and off campus.

Alumni Networking:

Synapse maintains active alumni relationships, which offer amazing opportunities for career networking and mentoring.  This assists members in attaining their academic potential.

Social and Recreational Involvement

Many of your fondest college memories will be developed through social interaction. Synapse provides the chance to make new friends and have fun. Examples of our activities include Brain Awareness Week (coming up in November), community service with the North Chicago Outreach program, conferences, and Student Symposium, just to name a few…


2014-2015 Synapse Executive Board

Sarah Chiren ’16: Co-President

Saul Bello Rojas ’16 Co-President

Cam Gudmundson ’17: Vice President

Cecilia Reyes ’15: Web Manager

Logan Graham ’17:  Director of Communications and Records

Peyton Schrag ’17: Director of Programming

Pooja Acharya ’17: Treasurer

Brain Awareness Week Board

  • Danielle Shaw
  • Obaiy Fahmy
  • Sara Murillo
  • Lily Veldran

Seminar and Outreach Board

  • Alexander Blumfelt
  • Amarantha Gomez
  • Khadijah Hamid
  • Wase Tembo

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