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Section 1: Name

The name of the organization is Synapse

Section 2: Purpose/Mission

The mission of Synapse is to assist in the development of co-educational and extracurricular programs in Neuroscience at Lake Forest College. This goal will be accomplished by providing students with access to experts in the field, organizing outreach programs and other educational opportunities for both its members and the Lake Forest College community, with an emphasis on connecting with resources of Chicago. Finally, outstanding educational activities of the College students in the area of Neuroscience will be recognized and promoted.

Section 3: Affiliation:

This organization is not affiliated with any national organizations.


Section 1: Eligibility

This shall be an open organization. All Lake Forest College students with an interest in Neuroscience are eligible to become members.

Section 2: Voting Member Criteria

Voting rights will be granted to active members of the organization. Active members are defined as those who have no more than two excused absences per semester. If a member is unable to attend meetings, they must participate in scheduled organizational events to qualify as a voting member. Active members must also have completed or be enrolled in two courses that count towards the neuroscience major/minor and they courses must be either in the biology, psychology, or both departments.


Section 1: Officer Qualifications

Officer positions are limited to those voting members who have completed or are enrolled in at least two of the following courses: a neuroscience-based FIYS course (FIYS106 or FIYS 128), Biology 130, Psychology 221, Biology 221, or a 300-level elective course towards the Neuroscience major.

Section 2: Elected Officers

This organization shall have a President, Vice President, Director of Communications and Records, Director of Programming, Treasurer, a Web Manager, a Brain Awareness Week Board, and a Seminar and Outreach Board.

Section 3: Duties of officers

President: The President shall lead all activities of the association by overseeing all meetings, including executive board and full board meetings, campus outreach programs, and other educational opportunities.

Vice President: The Vice President will assist the president in all his/her activities. The Vice President will lead all meetings, including executive board and full board, if the President is unable to attend. The Vice-President will serve as the official liaison between the student organization and neuroscience program and faculty committee.

Director of Communications and Records: The Director of Communications and records  will take minutes at all meetings and send them to all club members via email and the web and maintain the organization’s display board. The Director of Communications and Records will also be in charge of promoting Synapse and its goals to the College campus and advertising any outreach programs sponsored by Synapse. The Director of Communications and Records will also work with the publicity committee to advertise events.

Director of Programming: The Director of Programming will organize campus outreach programs and events sponsored by Synapse, as well as work with the Director of Communications and Records in advertising said events. The Director of Programming will also work with the programming committee to organize events.

Treasurer: The Treasurer will manage all club finances as regulated by GA and will prepare the annual budget and supplemental budget requests throughout the year.

Web Manager: The Web Manager will maintain the Synapse website by posting club sponsored activities and minutes.

Brain Awareness Week Board: The Brain Awareness Week Board will consist of up to 4 elected individuals that will work with executive board members to plan and carry out Brain Awareness Week activities. They will attend executive board meetings on an as-needed basis.


Seminar and Outreach Board: The Seminar and Outreach Board will consist of up to 4 elected individuals that will work with the executive board to plan and carry out outreach programs and seminars throughout the academic school year.

Elected officers assume the duties of office on April 1st; terms of office last one calendar year.

Section 4: Vacancy in Office

In the event a vacancy should occur (resignation or removal) a special election will be called to fill the position within 14 days of the vacancy. While the election is being held, the officer succession will occur as follows: If the-President leaves office, the chain of succession will be as follows: Vice President, Director of Communications and Records, Director of Programming, Treasurer, and Web Manager. Please note Article IV Section 3 for more information regarding special elections.

Section 5: Removal of Officers

If officers are unable to uphold duties as outlined in Section 3, the organization can vote for removal of the officer. Similarly, the officer can resign provided he/she gives two weeks notice to the advisor and other members of the executive board.


Section 1:  Nomination Process

Officer candidates can be nominated by current officers, organization members, and through self-nomination.  However, only members who are eligible according to Article III Section 1 can take on an executive position. The nomination process will be carried out at least a month prior to the time when elected officers must take office.

Section 2:  Election

The President will organize an election committee. The election committee will consist of members not running for a position in the election, such as graduating seniors.  Elections will be conducted in a secret and anonymous fashion.  Elected candidates may run in the future elections. Only a simple majority is needed in order for the running candidates to win the election. In the event of a tie, the organization’s current election committee will break the tie. 

Section 3:  Special Elections

If any officer is removed from office, the vacancy will be filled within 14 days of removal.  The procedure for appointing a replacement is listed in Article IV Section 2.


Section 1: Criteria

The advisor must be a willing member of the Lake Forest College Biology or Psychology Faculty.


Section 1:  Regular Meetings

Regular meetings will be conducted at least on a biweekly basis at a convenient hour during the week. 

Section 2:  Special Meetings

The executive board, which consists of the six elected officers, has the power to call for special meetings.

Section 3:  Parliamentary Authority

Meetings will be conducted by the President. If the President is absent, the Vice President will conduct the meeting. 

Section 4:  Quorum

During meetings wherein political and/or financial decisions are made, a quorum of two-thirds of the organization’s voting members must be present. 


Section 1: General Assembly Funding

Synapse will apply for General Assembly funds and will follow all General Assembly and institutional regulations if allocated resources.

Section 2: Honorariums

No officers or members will receive honorariums from the organization.

Section 3: Dues

Members are not required to pay dues to be a member of Synapse.


Section 1: Ratification

Ratifications to the constitution can be proposed by any member of the organization. In order for the amendment to be voted on by the organization, the requested changes must be sent at least one week in advance of the next scheduled meeting so that all members may examine the proposed changes. At the following meeting, members will vote on the amendment.

Section 2: Submittal to Leadership and Community Involvement

If changes are made to the constitution, the changes will be submitted to Leadership and Community Involvement.