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Sexual Misconduct Help - Protective Measures/Accomodations

Protective measures may be implemented by the College to help provide a more stable and safe environment for you during the process of reporting, investigation and adjudication.

Protective measures can be requested at any time, regardless of whether you seek formal or other resolution of a sexual misconduct complaint. The following are examples of resources available:

  • Alteration of housing assignments;
  • Modification of work arrangements and/or scheduling;
  • Modification of dining arrangements or schedules;
  • Campus escorts and/or changes to campus transportation arrangements;
  • Issuance of “No Contact Orders” between the parties; and/or
  • Academic programming or scheduling adjustments.

Contact the Title IX Coordinator for more information.

If you are in an emergency situation, dial 911 for local, non-college law enforcement and medical assistance. You may also dial the College’s Public Safety Department at 847.735.5555 (on-campus at 5555) to connect you to the local police.