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Information Technology

Technology Resource Center

The Brown Technology Resource Center (TRC) provides software support and training for faculty, staff, and students.

We provide assistance using software and incorporating technology into your academic assignments. We can help faculty with Campus academic systems like Moodle, Panopto and Microsoft Office 365.  All of our hours are on a walk-in basis and our services are free to the College community. We only charge minimal fees for consumables like paper and DVDs.

The TRC lends Microsoft Surface Tablets as a convenience for students to use anywhere within the Library. We also loan basic camcorders and digital cameras. All of our loaners are on a first-come, first-served basis. We require that you present your Student ID upon borrowing an item from the TRC. We cannot solely accept an ID number without your physical photo college ID. If you fail to return the equipment, we will charge your College account for the full amount to replace the item.

The TRC staff is composed of highly-trained student technicians. While the technicians share a common knowledge base, each employee has his or her own area of expertise. If you need academic computing assistance, please come to room 233, call us at 847-735-5168 or email us at browntrc@mx.lakeforest.edu. We will come to any computer in the Library to help you! Note, the computers in Room 233 (TRC) are reserved for TRC employees only.