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Information Technology

Workshops on Wednesday

Workshops on Wednesday

Workshops on Wednesday (WoW) is a series of interactive workshops and discussions focused on faculty needs in the classroom and faculty development. Working closely with the Office of Faculty Development, WoW opportunities provide relevant exploration of topics to enhance the learning process and meet pedagogical needs.

We seek to build a strong community of a digitally literate and passionate professoriate. Our goal is to provide WoW participants with meaningful development, support, and inspiration through these workshops. See the schedule for upcoming faculty development opportunities. All Lake Forest College faculty are invited to engage in our workshops. If you are unable to attend live sessions, recordings of the events are posted on this page.

We welcome faculty to partner with us in the development of new workshops and in recommending new ideas. In addition, we can work with you to develop a teaching and learning workshop for your Department. Please contact corso@lakeforest.edu to explore these opportunities.