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Communications and Marketing

Social Media Guidelines

Establishing an Institutional Social Media Site

The Lake Forest College Social Media Policy applies to any and all social media accounts created to represent academic departments and programs, administrative offices, athletic teams, and College-sponsored clubs and organizations. It does not apply to private individual social media accounts. 

Any office, department, or student group that wishes to start a social media site (“site”) should coordinate with the College’s Office of Communications and Marketing (OCM). Approved sites are included in a listing on the College’s Facebook page. All sites not related to a course or faculty member will be co-administered by the OCM.

A single point person, or administrator, should be appointed who will be responsible for the site’s content and upkeep. The administrator must be a College employee. He/she is held responsible for managing and monitoring content on the site and is responsible for removing content that may violate the College’s Conduct Policies. The OCM should be notified when a new administrator takes over. Any site that lacks an administrator will be closed. 

The OCM reserves the right to post on any institutional site in cases of emergency or crisis, and has the authority to remove postings as necessary, in consultation with the site administrator. 

All sites must provide a link to the official Lake Forest College website (it can be added as a “favorite” site) and use an official College logo in their design. Refer to the College’s brand guide when designing profiles or background graphics.


When posting on a site, students must follow the code of conduct as written in the student handbook: 

The College’s mission statement states that we are preparing Lake Forest College students to become global citizens. In that regard, we expect students to respect each other, their environment and others at all times. We are all responsible for maintaining our community’s safety and security, and we are all accountable for how our actions affect others.

Similarly, staff must follow the code of conduct in the faculty and staff handbook: 

In general, any act which could harm the College or its employees or which interferes with the College’s operations is prohibited and will result in discipline, up to and including termination.

Consistent with these handbook provisions, prohibited postings on social media sites include, but are not limited to, postings that harass, threaten or intimidate other employees; immoral conduct or indecency; and postings that violate standards of honesty and ethical relationships. 

Any member of the Lake Forest College community must abide by federal privacy rules (e.g. HIPAA and FERPA) when posting on an official College site. 

For more information

Contact the Office of Communications and Marketing at 847-735-6029.