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Communications and Marketing

Office of Communications and Marketing

The Office of Communications and Marketing disseminates the good news of the College to internal and external audiences.  


  • Post announcements on the Forest gateway. Click here to find out how. 
  • Publicize news about yourself, your department, or your students. Examples include winning an award, organizing a conference, or publishing a new book. Your news will be published on the College website and in the Weekly News in the Forest, which is emailed on Wednesdays to the entire campus community.
  • Publicize events. Ask your department assistant or click here to get your event on to the campus calendar and into the campus news cycle. You will also find everything you need to know to hold a successful event on campus.
  • Help you make routine website updates. Your department assistant can make most updates to your department pages. Or join us for lunchtime hands-on web sessions the second Tuesday of the month to learn how to make updates yourself. Contact Ian Schappe to sign up. 
  • Social media strategizing. Need help getting buzz on social media for your event or news? Contact Susan Morris.
  • Take photos of your class or event during work hours. Contact Matthew Baltimore.
  • Order routine printing, design, and copying through Visual Communications, located in the annex behind Young Hall.  


We do our best to publicize your news and events on and off campus. The sooner we have the full details the more quickly we can send them to the online news platforms. Although we cannot guarantee your event or news item will be featured on a given news site, we will do our best to meet your expectations. Think your item deserves special attention? Contact Linda Blaser to discuss. 


Our priority is to support the marketing needs of the offices of admissions and alumni and development. Having said that, if you need photos taken during work hours, we can generally accommodate you. However, if you need a photographer during the evening or weekend, and it doesn’t support admissions or alumni/development, then we recommend you photograph it yourself with your own camera or smartphone. You can also borrow a camera from the Brown Technology Resource Center. Read their lending policy here.  


As with our photo policy (above), we create videos to support the marketing goals of the offices of admissions and alumni and development. As a general rule, the Office of Communications and Marketing does not produce videos highlighting a single department or program. If you have an idea for a video that you think showcases the College, pitch it to Linda Blaser.


If you want the entire campus to know about your news or event, here’s an idea: DON’T SEND AN EMAIL TO EVERYONE ON CAMPUS. Why not, you ask? Very few students read campus emails anymore, unless they’re from, say, their professor. Moreover, faculty and staff at times complain about their inbox getting clogged with irrelevant emails from well-meaning colleagues. If you want to get the word out about your event, news, or announcement, fill out one of the forms below and we’ll add them to the Forest gateway and the Weekly News from the Forest:

Tips for getting people to read your email:

  • Write single-purpose messages.
  • Don’t bury the lead. Let your reader know right away what you want them to know.
  • Write short emails with a link to details or more information (that “more information” will be in the form of a link to a news item, announcement, or an event).
  • Don’t send them too often. Think about whether there are better ways than email to get your message out. 
  • If you’re trying to get a crowd to an event, send an email specifically to those who you think would be interested in attending. Ask relevant faculty members to offer their students extra credit for attendance.