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Communications and Marketing

All Access: Brand Guide

No one “brand” can tell the story of a place like Lake Forest College.

Great colleges are complex, decentralized, ever-changing places, where young men and women learn how to think, question, and relate to each other and the world.  The educational experience a student gets at a place like Lake Forest College isn’t something that can be adequately described with a single phrase or image.  Every student’s experience of the College is unique; that’s what makes Lake Forest such an amazing place to learn and grow. 

The Lake Forest College rebranding effort isn’t about finding a way to “sell” our college to “customers.”  What we are looking for is a better way to tell the Lake Forest story— because it’s an important story, and it needs to be told more effectively.  

The United States economy is in a state of slow recovery, and parents and prospective students are more skeptical about the benefits and relevance of studying the liberal arts.  Without abandoning our commitment to the values of the liberal arts—values that make us what we are— Lake Forest must do a better job of explaining how the education we provide prepares our students for productive and rewarding careers.

The new changes to the Lake Forest brand have been made with the goal of conveying the tangible and intangible benefits of a Lake Forest education in ways that ring true with both our history and our ambitions.