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Business Office


The Cashier accepts payments for student accounts, answers questions about students accounts, reimburses community members for petty cash expenses, and processes change requests.

Cashing Checks

To minimize institutional risk, Lake Forest College will no longer cash personal checks or make personal cash advances.


The College provides an automatic teller machine in Durand Commons. The ATM does not accept deposits, but will honor withdrawals from cards with these networks: Mastercard, Money Network, Cyrus, Cash Station, Star* Plus, Discover, and American Express.


Quarters are a special commodity, useful in many transactions. The Business Office wishes to enable laundry activities and will happily trade you one roll of quarters for $10 cash or check. There is a maximum of one roll per day per person.

Make Payments on a Student Account

The Cashier accepts payments toward tuition and fees at the College. Payments are accepted by cash, checks, money orders, and via locked drop-box during the Business Office’s open hours.

Please make sure the student ID# and name is noted on the check, particularly if the person writing the check does not share the last name or home address with the student.

If you would like to pay by credit card or with E-Check (bank account), you may do so online here: Student Account.

Business Office Open Hours:

Academic Year: 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Summer, Winter and Spring Break: 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Parking Tickets

If you receive any tickets for parking violations or other vehicle fines, you must pay them and clear them with the cashier.  We keep a listing of all paid and unpaid tickets here in the Business Office.  You can pay with cash or check at the cashier desk.  You can pay with E-check (your bank account) or by credit card online by clicking this link: Vehicle Permits and Fines.  You still need to bring in your receipt (web copy) to Public Safety in order to clear the fine from the database.

Petty Cash Requests 

Petty cash disbursements may be made for College-related purposes. Petty cash reimbursements will be limited to $75.  You must provide a petty cash voucher with proper approval. A proxy signature will not be accepted. Include the explanation of purchase and attach the detailed receipt or invoice for the purchase. Charge card statements and credit card processing receipts are not sufficient without other written evidence or approval. Amounts in excess of $75 must be reimbursed using the Accounts Payable reimbursement form and process. Student groups have a limit of $100. 

College-Related Petty Cash Advances

Petty cash advances may be made for College-related purposes. The limit is $100 for student groups. The amount is considered to be a personal loan until receipts are presented and the loan is cleared. Receipts are expected within two business days. The advance must be pre-approved by an appropriate signing authority for the anticipated charge. Please note the college reserves the right to charge a valid account (like tuition account) if reimbursement or receipts are insufficient. 

Printing Account 

You can add money to your printing account at the Cashier desk. 

Class Materials 

All materials can be purchased online with E-Check (bank account) or by credit card by clicking this link: class materials. Please follow the instructions on the page and be sure to show your email receipt to the department(s) listed.

Deposit Other Funds 

If your deposit could be considered a gift to the College, including grants, it should be processed through the Office of Development and Alumni Relations. All other deposits are accepted in the Business Office at the Cashier’s desk. These may include funds raised by students for their organizations, refunds from vendors, or fees collected for events.

Checks should always be made payable to Lake Forest College, and the organization or event can be noted in the memo section. Please make sure that the check writer’s name and contact information are on the check, just in case of a funds problem and you need to contact them. The College will not pursue collection of funds for bounced checks for these types of transactions – that is your responsibility.