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News and Events

Lake Forest College In the News

  • January 15 Ben Zeller, associate professor of religion, wrote a book about the Heaven’s Gate cult in 2014 and worked as academi... 
    Associate Professor of Religion Ben Zeller and his work on the Heaven’s Gate cult and a popular podcast was featured in a news story in the Sunday Chicago Tribune on January 14 and will be featured on WGN-TV Thursday.
  • January 12 logo 
    The College’s Home for Dinner program was a featured story in the January issue of Forest & Bluff magazine. Click here to read the full story.
  • November 14 A.B. Dick Professor of Economics and Business Robert Baade 
    Ernest A. Johnston Professor of Economics Robert Baade’s take on a proposed stadium in Nashville was covered by the USA Today Network, the Houston Chronicle, and WRCB Chattanooga.
  • October 20 Fox Business 
    Professor of Economics and Business Robert Baade weighs in on the economic impact of hosting the World Series in a recent Fox Business story.
  • October 18 Associate Professor of Religion Ben Zeller 
    Associate Professor of Religion Ben Zeller lectured on “Religious Suicide and the Puzzling Case of Heaven’s Gate” at Monmouth College on October 17.
  • October 18 Chicago Tribune 
    The Chicago Tribune previewed novelist Ruth Ozeki’s upcoming visit to Lake Forest College as part of the Lake Forest Reads: Ragdale program.
  • October 10 Chicago Tribune 
    The Chicago Tribune covered author and alumnus Stephen Salny’s well-attended Homecoming lecture on October 6.
  • October 3 Daily North Shore 
    The Daily North Shore recently reported on an upcoming campus talk on the architecture of David Adler by Stephen Salny ’77.
  • September 13 Chicago Tribune Logo 
    The Chicago Tribune recently published a story on the increased interest in science fields at Lake Forest College.
  • September 5 R.J. Pompey ’18 
    The Chicago Tribune recently covered Lake Forest College football coach Jim Catanzaro’s recruitment of R.J. Pompey ’18.
  • August 29  
    Joe Zemaitis ’02 swam the 21-mile English Channel on August 22, becoming one of fewer than 150 people to complete the renowned Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming.
  • August 23  
    The Daily North Shore covered Lake Forest College’s major solar eclipse viewing event.
  • August 23 Illustration by Bill Blitt 
    Amie Marks ’93 was interviewed in the Daily North Shore about Women in the Know, a local group she founded where women meet for discussions, lectures, and action.
  • August 22 Lake Forest College alumnus Kelly Leonard '88 
    Second City’s Kelly Leonard ’88 was on WGN Radio’s “Wintrust Business Lunch” on August 22 touting the benefit of a liberal arts education.
  • August 14  
    Professor of Economics and Business Robert Baade’s research on the cost of hosting the Olympic Games was cited in a story in the Independent Women’s Forum.