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Sociology and Anthropology

Anne Marie Brugioni ’16

During the summer of her junior year, Anne Marie Brugioni participated in the Archaeological Field School course, digging for historical artifacts on Chicago’s Gold Coast. She and colleague Xhris Fitzgerald ’17 presented their research at the fall 2015 Midwest Historical Archaeology Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Q: What was it like being the only undergraduates presenting primary research in a sea of graduate students and professionals?

A: “Attending the conference was a great experience for me and it allowed me to recognize what the field of archaeology is like at a professional level—rather than solely as a student. The speakers and structured discussions were invaluable but I found the most enriching part was talking to established archaeologists in less formal settings such as through a dinner Xhris and I attended on the last day of the conference.

“As for the poster presentation, I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to keep up with questions people were asking and the intimidation diminished when I realized I possessed the knowledge to talk about our poster effectively.”