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Modern Languages and Literatures

Camille Lemieux ’17

Here’s the story:

Camille Lemieux graduated in 2017 and is now a Research Assistant at the Education Development Center in Chicago. Her self-designed Applied Linguistics major at Lake Forest allowed her to combine her love of language learning with her interest in education. She is now doing important work in an area of study that she feels truly passionate about. The Education Development Center aims to help students in public schools across the globe, and helps to shape education policy and practice in the U.S. and abroad.

Camille spent the summer of 2016 as a Chicago Fellows Research Assistant with Digital Chicago, working with education professor Desmond Odugu to study the history of housing inequities in Chicago. This incited her passion for conducting education research, and helped her to get her current job at the Education Development Center.

“Ever since I was a Richter Scholar, I have enjoyed conducting research,” she said. “Dr. Odugu’s Digital Chicago project seemed fascinating to me because it dealt directly with a specific historical issue that still impacts us today.”


What did you think of the faculty?

Every professor I have interacted with in the Department of Modern Languages has in some way shaped my post-grad career.

More information to share?

Learning French and Mandarin at the College opened doors to study abroad. My internship as an English Teaching Assistant at École Pascal in Paris, France, made me realize I wanted to continue working in education. The Career Advancement Center gave me the tools needed to stand out in competitive hiring processes.”