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Harvey D. Cain ’52

Here's the story

Harvey D. Cain ’52 was born in 1930 at the old Alice Home Hospital. Harvey has a long-standing connection to Lake Forest and the College. He is one of six family members to attend Lake Forest - his mother, father, uncle, and sister are all alumni - and his family lived just around the corner on Illinois Rd. across from Farwell Field. Harvey went on to receive his medical degree at Northwestern and afterwards moved to California where he served as chief resident of Kaiser Permanente for nearly 30 years.

In the course of his career as a Kaiser Permanente physician, he went to law school at night to earn a J.D. from the Lincoln University School of Law in Sacramento, CA, at a time when there were very few MD/JDs; authored a leading medical reference book titled Emergency Treatment and Management and numerous scholarly articles; introduced non-traditional methods (e.g. acupuncture and hypnosis) into his mainstream medical practice at an early date; raised 5 kids, participated in endurance athletic events, and much more.

As an avid cyclist, Harvey has competed and toured in rides all over the world. He completed the Hawaiian Iron Man in 1986, he biked/swam the Alcatraz event twice, rode as part of the the 2,000 mile “Underground Railroad Tour,” and most recently participated in an AIDS ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles, CA. He strongly believes exercise is key to a healthy brain and body and is known for saying, “I always exercise with two psychiatrists. One is my left foot and the other is my right foot.”

Harvey and his wife Marsha currently reside in Sacramento, California.