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Pooja Acharya ’17

How did you choose your area of study?

Unlike some students, I never got a chance to learn about the brain in detail until I came to Lake Forest College. When I came to Lake Forest College, I had no idea that I was going to be a neuroscience major; but after taking Medical Mysteries of the Mind (FYS 106) and Introduction to Psychology (PSY110) I got interested in this major. Neuroscience, unlike other majors, provides me with an opportunity to take several different courses such as philosophy, psychology, biology, ethics, etc. Here, at Lake Forest College, Neuroscience department invites k-6 kids to teach them about the brain and its function. As I moved to the US from a developing country, I have seen many kids deprived of education and there is not much emphasis on neuroscience and the brain. After teaching those kids about the brain and its function during k-6 outreach, a thought came across my mind that I should take the knowledge I gain from this field and share it with the people in developing countries where they know nothing about the mechanisms of the brain and the relationship between the brain and their behavior. I hope to accomplish this goal after completing my education as a clinical psychologist or as a psychiatrist.