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Annie Keller


Admissions Counselor

Phone number



IL (South Suburbs, West Suburbs, West, Peoria, Springfield, Decatur & Champaign), IN, MI, AL, AR, FL, GA, LA, MS

High School

Warren Township High School (Gurnee, IL)

College and Major

Lake Forest College 
BA – Psychology

Working for the College since

June 2020

My life before Lake Forest

I was a full-time college student working in faculty research labs and working in the admissions office as a tour guide and an office intern. 

One word or phrase to describe myself


Top three reasons I would choose to attend Lake Forest College

  1. Student community: students care about one another’s goals and ambitions and are holding each other accountable to get involved and committed to campus wellbeing.
  2. Chicago: With our proximity to the city, loads of students have internships and jobs in Chicago that are serving towards their future careers.
  3. Campus opportunities: On campus, you will be connected to faculty research opportunities, internships, and leadership roles that will help pave your future as a professional and round you out as an experienced individual.

What character traits do I appreciate in an applicant?

Open mindedness is key; Meeting new people and being open to new experiences is wildly important as a college student, especially a small liberal arts school like Lake Forest. 

What makes the College unique?

The commitment to personal development can be found in all departments on campus, and getting involved in clubs, organizations, internships, and jobs to support the community and develop your skills is very common among the students here.

Tip for the college search

When you first start, look at and compare different types of schools! Look at a large school, a small school, a school in a city, school in the suburbs, private, public, huge classes, small classes, university, liberal arts, close to home, far from home, etc. That way you will narrow down your search to specific preferences that are right for you and your needs as a student.

Hint for success

Ask questions. Ask your peers, ask your mentors, ask your supervisors, ask your family, ask your friends. Being unafraid to ask questions and gather information from a large number of sources will ultimately round out your expectations for any coming experience.

Favorite activity in Chicago

Exploring, thrifting, and eating at new restaurants I haven’t been to yet.

Favorite place in the town of Lake Forest

The Starbucks Reserve, it’s the best place to study off campus, and the walk is nice and short!

Fun fact to share

I was working in three separate research labs all at once, and have gone to a couple large psychology conferences to present my work!