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Forester News

Arthur Brown ’22

How did you find out about the Kemper program?

I was approached by a couple of upperclassmen, Bob McKeon ’21 and Jay Patel ’21, who are both Kemper Scholars, and they told me I should check out the Kemper Scholar program. And Professor (DeJuran) Richardson, who is my adviser for my math major, also suggested I look into it. 

Why did you want to participate?

There’s the scholarship, which makes the financial burden of college easier. Then there’s the internship part of the program; that’s a huge reason. After sophomore year, during the summer, you have a guaranteed internship with a nonprofit company in Chicago and Kemper sets you up with housing in the city. That’s really incredible to have that already set so I can focus on my academics. 

What do you hope to gain from the program?

One of the biggest benefits from the program that I can see so far is the network of people I have now—from previous Kemper scholars who are working professionals or in grad school. They all have access to a number of different companies and employers, which gives me access to an even larger network. I’m also getting a lot of experience putting on a suit and tie and learning to present myself professionally. It can be really nerve-racking at first, but after doing it a few dozen times among people I’m really comfortable with it becomes a lot easier.

Where do you think this experience will take you after graduating from Lake Forest College?

I’d like to work in the finance world for a little while after graduation until I’m comfortable financially. I’m also considering graduate school for math and, possibly, becoming a professor. Those are the two routes I’m considering after graduation.